Amazing Facts About Shih Poo Dog Breed

Do you want a new pet for your family? If so, why not consider getting a Shih Poo.


This is among the most preferred pets at this point because of its remarkable characteristics and features.

So, before knowing the fantastic facts about Shih poo, let us first understand some of this Shih poo’s characteristics.

What’s a Shih Poo?

shih poo

Shih poos are a mixture of Toy Poodle and Shih Tzu.

Hypoallergenic, small, and cuddly companions, this breed of dogs inherited the best features and qualities from their parents.

Shih Poos are also called Pooshi or Shoogle. On the other hand, never confuse them with Poo-Shi, which is the mixture of Shiba Inu and Poodle.

Despite the status and reputation as a designer breed, you might find Shih poos in rescues as well as shelters. So, don’t forget to adopt it.

This breed of dog makes an amazing companion pet for almost anyone. But, seniors would most likely be a perfect match.

This dog enjoys being doting on, loving as well as pampering.

This is a versatile breed of dogs and can thrive in virtually any settingapartment, family home, or small house in the mid of nowhere.

Family or single person just ensures your Shih poos get lots of attention and love. This breed of dog must never be kept outside.

They also need regular checkups with the vet. They require constant dental cleanings, as well as grooming.

Often potty breaks can also assist once this dog takes over their Shih Tzu parents’ tendency for stubbornness and defensive and protective marking.

Do Shih Poos have health problems?

shih poo

While many designers breed out there have better overall well-being, they can get or take over health problems their parents are susceptible to.

That said, a Shih poo typically lives about fifteen years on average in excellent health.

Inheriting the short snouts of Shih Tzu can give this dog issues in breathing; therefore, when the pup takes over a long snout from parent poodle, some of the problems will be eased and alleviated.

Look out for the indications of heatstroke once your Shih poo has a shorter snout.

Being small, this breed of dog can be susceptible to dental issues.

Ensure to maintain proper dental care and have her or her teeth checked and professionally cleaned regularly.

Now that you already know the history and other issues you may encounter with having this dog as a pet, let us now go to the amazing facts about Shih poos. So, here they are:

Here are some of the fantastic facts about Shih poo that every dog lover must know if they plan to bring one home.

1. Shih Poo Originally Developed in North America.

shih poo

While its poodle parent originated from Germany and the Shih Tzu is originated from China, once their Shih Tzu parent features shine in, their royal DNA will be obvious.

A Shih poo comes from the adorable, loyal Shih Tzu and the clever and sophisticated Poodle.

Both are perfect for anyone searching for a cute hypoallergenic companion pet.

If you want to get a Shih poo, why spend hundreds of dollars on dog breeders?

Sad to say, like other breeds of dogs, these cutie pies wind up in shelters from those who don’t want a long-term commitment.

This breed of dog will take over characteristics from parents’ breeds.

2. Shih Tzus Are Stubborn

shih poo

This breed of dog can be stubborn. However, they may need trainability, but their personality is tenfold.

This breed of dog is very friendly, cute, and attentive, while a poodle is trainable, active, and clever.

3. They Have Amazing Personalities

shih poo

The personalities of this dog can differ but usually will fail in the mid of parent characteristics.

A lot of Shih poos are depicted as playful and friendly.

They’re the size of the average lap dog, and the moderate energy level signifies they would perhaps enjoy napping in your lap for many hours.

While this breed of dogs takes pleasure in a good siesta, they also love walking and thriving on playtime.

Shih poos might not be eager to know new tricks; however, they do love attention as well as interaction.

They might not be as barky as poodle parents but might alert owners to any displeasure like missed meals, with one bark until every few minutes until the need is met.

Socialization and training must be established as soon as possible.

Positive reinforcement and consistency are the means of going with this breed of dog.

4. Average Height is 8 inches to 13 inches

shih poo

The average height of a Shih poo is 8 inches to 13 inches. On the other hand, some will grow up to ten inches to 12 inches in height.

This breed of dog is fluffy and tiny enough to lie on your lap as you pat him or her.

A Shih poo is also able to fit in your arm. You can carry him or her around as you go on your day.

5. They Live Between 10 to 15 Years

shih poo

Shih poo has a lifespan of about ten years to fifteen years. They will give you lots of pure fun and enjoyment.

Some Shih poo can be in the household for more than fifteen, provided the fact that you take care of them properly, you keep on pampering them with the right exercise and right and healthy diet.

What is more, a clean and peaceful environment plays a vital role in prolonging a Shih poo’s lifespan.

6. The Smart Features Got from Poodle Parent

This is one of the smartest breeds of dogs today.

Don’t let the cuddly and cute look of Shih poo fool you; this breed of dog is relatively smart and clever.

According to the research, this breed of dogs’ smartness or intelligence comes from a Poodle parent renowned for its remarkable capability to know and understand commands.

7. The Attractive Feature will Pull Anyone to Crazy Antics

shih poo

This breed of dog is a clown in nature.

Shih poos will befriend almost anyone and are eager and more than happy to follow his or her master around or even stranger wherever he or she may go.

This dog makes ideal playmates for households with kids and seniors or elderly people under home care.

If you’re single and residing in an apartment or condo, then this pup will assist in making your house a home.

This will surely love by almost anyone due to its loveable appearance.

8. They Are Hard to Train

shih poo

Even if this breed of dog is very clever, Shih poo can be hard and stubborn to train.

This small creature is smart by nature and no doubt about it and sees no need to learn something new.

For trainers and dog owners, you need to have lots of patients, lots of dog treats, and constant praises to get this dog to sit, rollover, and pee in the crate.

What is more, this bed of dog has a small attention span.

Sixty seconds, he or she obeys all your commands, and after a few moments, he or she is chasing a toy down the hall.

Therefore, the perfect of training this kind of dog is via short repetitive sessions.

It might take up to 12 months or more before Shih poo understands and knows the whole thing you want him or her to learn.

9. They Don’t Need Rigorous or Stern Workout

shih poo

Regardless of the space’s size, it is sufficient for this breed of dog to play in.

Shih poos fit the urban condo or apartment lifestyle and suburban home and lots of yard space.

Given the energetic nature of this breed of dog, he or she doesn’t need rigorous and stern training.

Shih poos will be more than willing to play fetch with a small dog in your condo or apartment.

This breed of dog lovers enjoy running around the yard, playing with the kid, and chasing squirrel for fun.

Take your Shih poo out every morning or even in the night for a short walk and then leave for their fun and imagination.

As a Shih poo owner, ensure your pet doesn’t have too much fun to wear herself or himself down.

10. They Have Tough and Strong Teeth

shih poo

Any breed of dog required a good and healthy diet to keep a happy life.

A diet packed with dry kibble foods diet is ideal for maintaining strong and healthy teeth.

What is more, dry food also helps a lot in maintaining healthy gums and, at the same time, avoids bad breath.

So, make sure to give your Shih poo a good diet to maintain healthy teeth and body in general.

11. Shih Poo Has Long Silky Hair/Fur

shih poo

Another amazing fact about this breed of dog is that they have long silky fur that might be attributed to their Shih Tzu parents.

Due to its long silky hair, occasional grooming is vital and needed to keep the coat and fur prim.

Two times a week is enough to keep the fur or hair of the Shih Poo fluffy and smooth. 

How frequently you groom depends on the kind of coat your Shih poo has.

Some Shih poos have a long silky fur, while others have short curly fur.

Some also need extra tender loving care, while some don’t need that.

On the other hand, both will surely love you the same.

12. Need Bathing Once A Week

shih poo

The best thing about this breed of dog is that they don’t shed fur that makes Shih poos great for people with allergies.

Shih poos are very hypoallergenic dogs. On the other hand, you need to keep the coat healthy to avoid pet dander and skin issues.

Bath your Shih poo at least once a week or two times per month to maintain a healthy and shiny coat.

13. Shih Poos Are Very Friendly Even to Strangers

shih poo

Shih poos are jovial playmates; thus, you cannot rely on them to guard you or watch your back.

He or she befriends anyone, even to strangers. What is more, this breed of dog has a low barking tendency as well as less territorial.

Luckily, a Shih poo co-exists well with cats, dogs, and other pets around; there is no risk or harm in adding a Doberman or any breed of dog for safety and security.

14. They Are Quite Adaptive

shih poo

This breed of dog is adaptive. Shih poos settle into any setting quickly, provided that you are with him.

You can stay at home doing your daily training, watching television, or assisting you in reeling the catch lake.

This breed of dog will love completely and without boundaries. Also, they will liven up your environment fast.

Even if this breed of dog has a short attention span, she or he still enjoys all the affection and attention they could get from you.

So, if you want to make Shih poo an ideal home companion for so many years to come, it is advisable to take good care of her or him.

You need to give what he or she needs, and for sure, this dog will compensate all the love and care you throw at him or her.

FAQ about Shih Poo Dogs

Keep on reading to know more about Shih Poos?

Are Shih Poos the best dog for a family?

shih poo

This breed of dogs is ideal for a family with seniors, old children, and even those with allergies.

Older children can learn the proper way of handling this small dog. Thus, it lessens the threat of your dog getting harmed and injured.

Whereas inexperienced and small hands can injure the dog easily, therefore, are best avoided.

If you have a family member with allergies, this one is the best choice as it doesn’t shed a lot.

Is Shih Poo Easy to Maintain and Care?

shih poo

This breed of dog is very adaptable. Shih Poos can fit in with various lifestyles.

All they want is a place where someone is present most of the time.

Also, this breed of dog requires ample time dedicated to grooming as well as playing with them.

This dog is ideal for an older couple who are not able to deal with long walks.

This breed of dogs requires approximately 30 minutes of walking daily and training sessions, too; they may not be perfect for first-time owners because of this dog’s stubborn streak feature.

Grooming must be tackled daily to avoid matted fur or hair.

Also, it is vital to get the nails cut regularly. Brushing teeth must be done regularly as well.

You need to clean the ears weekly and keep up with flea, worm treatments as well as vaccines.

How long do Shih Poos live?

shih poo

As mentioned above, this breed of dogs has a lifespan of ten to fifteen years; however, 13 years is the standard life expectancy of this breed of dogs.

But, there are reports of living up to fifteen years, provided that you take care of him or her properly or give him or her the right diet and exercise required.  

What are the exercise requirements of this breed of dog?

shih poo

This breed of dog does not have specifically intense or rigorous workout routines.

This dog just needs to be out walking for 30 minutes a day. This breed of dog also enjoys gentle strolls as well as chasing a ball in the theme park.

This isn’t the breed of dog if you are searching for a running or hiking partner.

This breed of dog enjoys playing with his or her master. This is how Shih poos burn off the majority of their energy.

Once they take over the shortened gag of the parent Shih Tzu, you must be especially cautious and wary when working them out for too long as well as in tremendous and extreme heat.


shih poo

Are you searching for a fun-loving and loyal pet to bring into your home? If so, look no further than Shih Poos.

This breed of dog has a magnetic personality. What is more, they also thrive regardless of the environment.

Shih poos are very adaptable so, even if you live in a small apartment or condo unit, you can still have this as your pet.

This breed of dog also loves affection. They love to walk and play around and require lots of grooming to maintain their well-being and vibrant personality.

Shih Poos are also hypoallergenic and don’t shed a lot, making them an ideal pet for families with an allergic member.

Shih Poos will surely make your day full of fun.

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