Are Poodle Mixes Smart?

Poodle mixes are trendy, mostly thanks to many dog designers breeds that keep on finding a new breed of dogs to meet your needs and preference.


What are people known as mutts now seen as mixed breeds or crossbreeds?

These dogs’ breeds are smart and usually hypoallergenic and might be healthier and more active than their parent breeds.

Poodles are renowned for their smartness and wittiness, and mixes are likely to get their parents’ big brains.

This is also an excellent therapy dog for this reason and is expected to be conscious of their master’s or owners’ conditions and feelings.

They are smart because they can be trained easily and will be able to learn and follow almost anything you command.


Of course, each will be different, as well as will learn at diverse rates than others.

However, for the best part, their smartness will make them easier and pleasurable for training.

Why are Poodle Mixes considered smart or intelligent?

Poodle’s mixes are inherently an extremely smart breed of dog with a remarkable disposition.

Poodle mix can give you many years of food, excitement as well as good times.

The popularity of poodle mixes has increased in recent years as many homeowners, and dog lovers have gotten past the fluffy haircuts and cute walk.

Poodle mixes are common because you will determine the breeds listed below.

Poodle mixes don’t shed; however, they will require regular grooming.

A low of future owners are turned off by the fluffy poodle cut, which is forever tied to the breed.


On the other hand, grooming is needed to keep them healthy as well as free of mats.

A poodle mix that is well-groomed is not different. Most likely, when the puppy has some poodle in its lineage, it will require to be groomed often as the hair will grow out of control.

There are sizes of poodle mixes; toy, miniature, and standard. Each size exhibits the same feature and character traits.

On the other hand, are renowned for the loveable, demeanor as well as smart personality.

People have come to know the perks of poodle mixes: protective and smart and essentially a great and ideal family pet.

As the breed has become popular worldwide, the chance to breed them with other breeds has also given way to hybrid mixes, which still inherent their character traits.

The novelty of trying to come up with the different combinations of names based on the designer breed mix is a common past time and can be an advertising technique to set it apart from other less creative breed names.

List of Poodle Mixes Which Are Considered Smart

Poodle mixes, aside from active, easy-going, are also very smart animals.

In fact, due to their wittiness, they can be trained easily without any stress and difficulty.

Even in rare cases, once poodle mixes are trained properly, they are susceptible to anxiety; however, this can be addressed with the right training and exercise.

Here is the list of poodle mixes that are smart and easy to train.



A combination of a poodle and an old English sheepdog, sheepadoodle usually comes in black, white, and red and a combination of black and white.

This combination of two breeds leads to smart and easy to train a dog.

This is also hypoallergenic, which makes them a good pet for families with allergic members.

Both breeds are renowned as energetic and smart, so picking up signals wouldn’t be hard.

It doesn’t matter if you like to potty train your dog, or simply train it to follow commands; sheep doodles are smart to learn instantly and quickly.

They don’t cause too much noise as they bark, not like the pure Old English sheepdog.



A combination of a poodle and Shih Tzu, the latter has an inherited trait of being stubborn.

It’s normal to anticipate that some of these characteristics would pass down once combined with a poodle.

It would take an effort to train this breed of dog to become an active pet.

They require daily reminders on what characteristics they are supposed to exhibit.

Socialization with other breeds will make them easy going as they naturally prefer to keep on their own and not look for attention.

What is more, potty training may be hard concerning this breed.



A combination of poodle and Yorkshire Terrier, this breed of dog, is a combination of very smart and very trainable breeds; therefore, it would quickly catch on to each instruction.

With daily training and a positive attitude, you will have a too loveable lap dog.

Provided that he or she knows you’re in charge, it would happily receive orders and commands from you.

This breed of dog also easily follow laid down routine; therefore, any action or trait you wish them to pick up, 

they can do so provided that you train them regularly. Begin training you Yorkipoo while young; they are the best pet for the family with kids.



A combination of a poodle and Pomerania, this is also considered smart and intelligent.

They are easy to train as their breed parents are smart as well as learn fast.

On the other hand, training must begin while they are young to socialize properly.

They are smart and respond well to training. However, if you do not begin at an early age, it might start to develop dog syndrome and become willful.

It would be hard at this level because it takes commands and orders; training them must begin as young as eight weeks.



A combination of a poodle and Newfoundland dog, they are also considered the smartest poodle mixes.

They are easy to train but needs patience. Aside from hypoallergenic and smart, they are also loveable and friendly, making them the perfect pet for the family.

Dogs follow commands once you make it known, which you’re the leader.

The same goes for this breed of dogs when they know you’re in charge, making the training successful and easy.

Even if this breed of dog is stubborn, they love pleasing their masters. After a flourishing training session, you can give them a treat or reward.



A combination of a poodle and Chihuahua, this type of poodle mix is easy to train as their natural nature to easily please.

This breed of dog obeys commands fast as they like to please their master.

Provided that the training begins early, there would be no complexity in training this breed of dog.

Even if home training is tedious and overwhelming with Chipoo, this is due to their stubborn streak and must be tracked and monitored closely at their young age.

Early socialization can help as well; they can be comfortable amongst other breeds of dogs.



This is a combination of a poodle and miniature schnauzer, this breed of dog is smart and has unique features, which makes them one of the most sought after poodle mixes today.

Schnoodle is independent-minded as well as very smart. The upper coat is lean and strong.

However, they catch the dander, leading to the least shedding.

This is also energetic as well as protective enough to be family’s and serve as working dogs.

They are considered a domestic type of dog due to their superb looks and non-shedding fur or coat.

They are very affectionate, friendly, intelligent as well as easily trainable.

These are only some of the smartest poodle mixes available.

There are many more mixtures that you will encounter and come across in your research.

If you are searching for a new four-legged friend, it’s always essential to perform research for the best temperament and the best characteristics.

In any case, even when you have wished a dog for the longest time, the look for that very special poodle mixes have to be sound in approach as a lot of quick buck breeders are eager and can sell you one from their mill type farms.

Even if the pictures are loveable and cure and the pages are pack with loveable, cuddly marketing schmooze tugging at heartstrings, always ensure you know who you are buying from.

Before calling or sending an email to inquire more concerning the dog, you may need to ensure you’re not looking at a dog mill breeder.

Choosing the right and best breeder will go a long way in making a new dog decision the best and most superb.

If you want a smart dog that can be trained easily and at the same time hypoallergenic and loveable, why not consider poodle mixes.

Even if you have you little mix poodle, you have to take good care of them.

Little dogs can go missing in an instant as they love to go outside of their usual surroundings.

We hope you find this post helpful and informative!  

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