12 Things You Need to Know About Poochon

Poochon is a lively chap with so much affection to give. He makes any environment his home and loves to be constantly pampered.


Before you take him home with you, there is a couple of things to know about his persona.

1. Poochon Dogs = Bichon Frise + Poodle.

poochon dog poodle mix dog

Poochon is an Australian pedigree dog bred for companionship. He is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Miniature or Toy Poodle.

Being a late 90s dog, he has grown to be loved and appreciated by so many families all over the world.

As a pup, he bears many of the fine qualities from his parents.

He will later grow to exhibit these traits and sometimes his personality can strongly attribute to one of his parents.

Nevertheless, he is a tiny cute fellow with a liveliness you will never grow tired of.

2. Bichpoo is Like fur ball.

poochon bichon poodle mix dog

Poochon has a beautifully shaped head with a clearly defined top.

His long ears stand out and you cannot fail to catch the adorable glimmer in his tiny dark eyes.

His fur coat may either be tight and curly or lose and wavy.

Bichpoo fur coats may be unicolored or a blend of different hues. He may be white, black, brown, or apricot.

Sometimes he may be all white with a grey head and forearms. Alternatively, he may be brown with accents of black on the tip of his hairs.

His gait is one that reeks of boldness and self-assurance. His has a slender body with a tightly tucked tummy.

He has a long neck too that slightly slants forward adding to the alertness on his face.

He has plenty of energy in him that needs to be expended with every opportunity he gets.

3. Height and Weight.

brown poochon dog

Poochon pup will grow to height of 11 to 15 inches from the shoulder.

Weight can vary across breeds, but generally, it ranges somewhere between 6 pounds and 16 pounds.
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4. Lifespan of Poochon = 12 to 15 years.

bichon frise poodle mix dog

The life expectancy of Poochon is from 12 to 15 years. He outlives many of the pedigree breeds and other pets at home.

5. Poochon is lively and active at all times.

bichon poodle mix dog

When he is exhausted, he does not mind curling up on your lap as you enjoy your favorite show or book.

He loves his family dearly and loves to be with them at all times.

Being an attention seeker, Bichpoo thrives in homes where there is someone to constantly tend to his whims.

He can easily suffer separation anxiety and become a handful around the home. So ensure you spend as much time with him as possible.

He is a loyal dog for life. He is always eager to please his owner as he knows it will earn him a treat or a loving backrub.

And make sure you pamper him whenever you can, it is good for his ego.

6. Poochon Intelligence

bichpoo bichon frise bpoodle mix dog

Bichon Frise and the Miniature Poodle are two very intelligent dogs.

So it goes without saying that the Poochon Dog will inherit a smart brain from his parents.

You will see this by how quick he learns new tricks and how he is able to remember everyone he frequently encounters.

On the other hand, he is quick to alert you to strangers in the house. He will bark continuously until you come to his aid.

This makes him an ideal watchdog besides being a lovable housemate.

7. Bichpoo is easy to train given his gifted mind.

bichpoo poodle mix dog

It is best you start socializing him when he is a pup. This gives him plenty of time to get used to new people, pets, or surroundings.

He need crate training as well if you are to leave him on his own. He does not mind laying quietly in his den until you come back home.

However, you have to watch out for his barks. They can become intolerable whenever he spots strangers or develops anxiety.

Train him to bark only when it is absolutely necessary. It is not going to be an easy fete so you need a lot of patience and positive affirmation.

Do not forget to reward him with a treat whenever he gets a command right.

8. Exercising helps him to use his energy wisely.

bichpoo puppy

Besides training him, Bichpoo also needs plenty of play time to exercise his body.

So get him plenty of toys he can chew on or chase around the house.

If you have older kids, introduce him to them as a worthy playmate.

He will be happy to play fetch or go on whimsical escapades with them.

If you live in an apartment, brief walks outside every day will do him good. In addition, find a game you both can enjoy while indoors.

He is a very strong chap that does not tire easily.

9.Larger Poochon dogs have fewer health issues.

brown poochon puppy

Breeders have noticed that first generation Bichpoo pups tend to grow into vibrant adults with few health issues.

However, multi-generational pups may inherit some of the health issues faced by the parents.

The size of the Poochon may, to some extent, affect his health as an adult. Larger Bichpoo dogs have fewer health issues compared to the smaller ones.

Bichpoo dogs are likely to suffer from sight issues when they age. They may also suffer from joint or develop allergies on their skin.

10. What should you feed Poochon dogs.

poochon dog smile

Dry kibble is always recommended for pedigree dogs and the Bichpoo is no exception.

He will also enjoy a can of juicy tuna fish but do not make it a habit. He needs his teeth strong and healthy which can only be achieved with a dry food diet.

11. Grooming of Poochon.

poochon puppy

His fur coat needs to be brushed daily to maintain its luster. Clip his fur once a week to ensure it remains short and avoid matting.

He also needs his teeth brushed daily to maintain a clean breath and prevent plaque buildup.

12. Watchdog ability.

white poochon puppy

Poochon dogs are known to be very ferocious when an intruder lurks.

Even when curled up on your lap, he remains alert to his surrounding.

He will quickly pop up his head and bark at the direction of the intruder. Pair him with a Doberman or Rottweiler and you have a fortified home security system.

If you want to own a Poochon pup, be ready to give him all the attention he needs. He will need you to be frequently around, if not always, and will thrive on a healthy diet and exercise.

With all things said, he is a very lively fellow with a big heart for his family members.

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