12 Things You Need to Know About Shihpoo

If you are looking for a loyal and fun-loving pet to have at home, then you need to get a Shihpoo.


Shih-poo dog has a magnetic personality and will thrive in any environment.

They love affection and need plenty of grooming to maintain their health and vibrant personality.

1) Shihpoo is Crossbreed Between a Toy Poodle and a Shih Tzu.

white shih poo puppy

Shih Poo or Shoodle is originally from America. They are a crossbreed between a Toy Poodle and a Shih Tzu.

This resulted in a fine breed dog that shares the personalities of either dog, although you will notice more of the Shih Tzu’s care-free attitude in a Shih Poo pup.

2) Average Shoodle height is between 8 inches and 13 inches from the Shoulder.

brown poodle shih tzu mix

However, some Shih Poo pups will grow up to 10 inches or 12 inches in height.

They are tiny and fluffy enough to lie on your lap as you pat them.

They can also fit in your arm and can be carried around as you go about your day.

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3) Lifespan of Shihpoo is around 10 to 15 years.

white shoodle dog

Shih-poo dogs will give you 10 to 15 years of pure joy and fun.
Some can be in the family for longer than this as long as you keep pampering them with the right diet and exercise.
A clean environment to live in is also necessary to prolong the lifespan of the shihpoo pup.

4) Their cleverness comes from Poodle.

chocalate poodle shih tzu

Don’t let the cute and cuddly appearance fool you, Shih-poo is quite an intelligent fellow.

They get their cleverness from the Poodle which is known for its great ability to understand commands.

Show that little fellow where to do their business and you will never have to scoop after them.

5) His attractive personality will draw anyone to his crazy antics.

shih tzu puppy smile

Shih Poo is a clown by nature. He will befriend anyone and is happy to follow you around wherever you go.

Shih-poo dogs make ideal playmates for families with children or elderly people under home care.
If you are single and living in a studio apartment, a Shoodle pup will help make your house a home.

6) Shih-poo can be quite tough to train.

brown white shih poo puppy

Although highly intelligent, Shih-poo can be quite stubborn to train.
The little fellow is a smart-ass by nature and sees no need to learn anything new.
It will take lots of patience, constant praises and doggy treats to get him to sit, roll over, or pee in the crate.

In addition, These Puppies have a tiny attention span. One minute they are obeying your command the next they are chasing a ball down the hall.

The best way to train him is through short repetitive sessions.

It may take up to a year before your Shoodle pup understands everything you need him to know.

7) Shih-poo dogs don’t require rigorous exercises.

black shih poo dog

Any space, big or small, is enough for Shih poo to play in. They fit the urban apartment lifestyle as well as a suburban home with plenty of backyard space.

Given their energetic nature, Shihpoo dogs don’t require rigorous exercises.

He will be happy to play fetch with a tiny ball around the apartment.

He will absolutely love running around the backyard playing with children or chasing squirrels for fun.

Take him out every morning or evening for a brief walk then leave him to his own fun and imagination.

Just make sure he does not have too much fun to wear himself down.

8)He has Strong Teeth

black shih poo poodle mix

Dog needs a proper diet to maintain his crazy fun-filled life.

A diet loaded with dry kibble dry foods diet is perfect to help him maintain strong teeth.

Dry food also helps maintains healthy gums and prevent bad breath in the Shihpoo.

9) Some Shoodle pups will have long silky coats

black shih poo dog

Occasional grooming is necessary to keep the Shih poo’s coat prim. Twice a week is enough to keep the coat fluffy.

Grooming frequency will also depend on the type of coat the Shoodle has.

Some Shoodle pups will have long silky coats while others short curly ones.

One Shihpoo pup may require extra tender loving care than the other–but both will love you the same regardless.

10) Give them a bath once a week.

shih tzu puppy

Shih-poos don’t shed fur which makes them great hypoallergenic dogs.
But you have to keep their coat healthy to prevent pet dander or skin disease.

Give them a bath once a week or twice a month to maintain a healthy coat.

11) He be friends anyone on site-even strangers.

white shih poo puppy

While the Shih poo is a jovial playmate, you cannot count on him to watch your back. He be friends anyone on site-even strangers.

In addition, Shih-poos have a low barking tendency and are less territorial.

Fortunately, Shoodles co-exist well with other pets–so there is no harm in adding a Doberman for security.

12) Shihpoo is quite adaptive in nature.

brown shihpoo dog smile

They settle into any environment fast as long as they have their master with them.

You could stay at home watching TV with you or be out helping you reel in the catch the lake.

Shihpoo will love you unconditionally and liven up any environment you put him in.

Although he has a short attention span, he still loves all the attention and affection he can get from his human friends.

Take good care of him and he will be a perfect home companion for years.

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