12 Things You Need to Know About Peekapoo

If you are looking for a bold and lovable pet dog, get a Peekapoo.


He is loyal, full of energy and very alert for his size. He also needs a lot of attention to ensure he lives a quality life.

1. Peekapoo = Pekingese + Poodle.

peekapoo puppy on ice

Peekapoo are one of the oldest hybrid dogs dating back to the 50s.

They are a cross between the bold & courageous Pekingese and the super-intelligent toy poodle.

The Pekingese dog is originally from China while the toy poodle hails from the United States.

In addition, he is one of the lucky pedigree dogs to be born, exclusively, of purebred parents.

Peek-a-poo breeders prefer cross-breeding purebred parents to maintain certain desirable qualities in the puppies.

Breeding multi-generational Peekapoos is possible as well although the practice is rare.

Peek-a-poo is a companion dog. He freely gives his love and attention to his owner and expects the same in return.

He gets attached to his new owner right from when he is a pup.

It is said that he can love his owner so dearly that he becomes overprotective of him; which is a good thing as you will see.

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2. Peekapoo Appearance.

white peekapoo dog

You will spot a Peek-a-poo by his signature soft wavy coat. The fur may be medium or long length depending on how well groomed he is.

For coat color, Peekapoo can be pure white, silver, gray, cream, or adorn a sable palette.

Some Peek-a-poo pups grow to have a red, chocolate or apricot coat. You may also be lucky to have a pure black Peekapoo with tan markings all over him.
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3. Height and Weight.

pekingese poodle mix dog

Peekapoos dogs are of varying heights with the average height being 11 inches from the shoulder.

Weight will also vary but generally, he will weigh between 4 pounds to 20 pounds.

4. Lifespan of Peekapoo = 10 to 15 years.

pekingese poodle mix puppy

A fully grown peek-a-poo should live for 10 to 15 years. Some peekapoos will live longer and even outlive your Doberman.

5. Good Family Dog.

peekapoo dog outdoor

Given his small body, Peek-a-poo knows how to make himself comfortable in both small and large dwellings.

He is happy to dash around the floor of your studio apartment after his toy and later snooze on your lap in exhaustion.

If you have a huge backyard, add a perimeter fence to contain his energy as he dashes after squirrels or rodents.

Having a hypoallergenic coat, he is well suited to live with the elderly or people with pet allergies.

6. Peekapoo loves his owners.

peekapoo puppy

Peekapoo’s friendly and loving personality always precedes him. He is happy to welcome you home with a wagging tail and a cheerful bark.

Within minutes he will be on your lap expecting a pat or loads of pampering with doggy treats.

He loves his human owners and will also co-exist with other pets.

Always willing to offer companionship, he does well with elderly people, single people, or children.

However, you may not want to leave him with underage children who may not be aware of his delicate nature.

And he can be protective and jealous, so keep your toddlers away as well.

Besides being protective, Peek-a-poo is also very attention seeking.

He loves when his owner is around and can barely stand being left alone. Loneliness makes him anxious and depressed which manifests in how destructive he gets.

One other quality Peekapoo is loved for is his watchdog abilities.

He gets very ferocious when he feels his environment is threatened.

He will bark incessantly when a stranger lurks in your vicinity.

The only way to quiet him down is to quell the impending danger he perceives.

7. Peekapoo is Very Smart.

white peekapoo poodle mix

Peek-a-poo combines the intelligence of both the Pekingese and Toy Poodle.

This makes him a very smart chap who grasps things fast

He also has an acute alertness to his surrounding, something you will find quite handy as you live with him.

8. It is very easy to train a Peekapoo dog.

peekapoo dog

He is a quick learner and is eager to please you by getting things right. You will also have to be gentle with him as his ego can be easily hurt.

Patience and positivity are two things you need to have to successfully train a peek-a-poo.

Training should start early when he is a pup. Crate training should be a priority as he needs his own private den for naps.

The crate will also help in containing him in one place while you are away.

Remember, he gets really destructive when lonely and you do not want to come home to find half your shoes chewed out.

9. He needs to be exercised daily.

white pekingese poodle mix dog

Peek-a-poo has so much energy you may end up having to keep up with him.

He needs to be exercised daily to help him expel the pent-up energy in him.

He is happy to tag along on morning/evening walks, jogs or a weekend hike in the woods.

However, even with all the energy inside, he gets exhausted really quickly.

So be easy on him during exercise or training sessions.

When he starts to look like he is slowing down, call it a day and feed him a doggy treat; he earned it.

10. Peekapoo needs quality food.

funny peekapoo puppy

A high energy dog like the Peekapoo needs quality dry food to stay healthy.

Feed him plenty of dry kibble in two portions a day.

He may also like canned food but feed him sparingly to prevent him from catching plaque in his teeth.

11. Peekapoos don’t do well in hot weather.

brown peekapoo dogs

They easily suffer from heat exhaustion if they spend too much time away from a cool environment.

Ensure your home is properly air conditioned especially during summer.

You will also have to reduce the time-frame for training sessions to prevent him from burning up.

Given their tiny muzzle, Peek-a-poo dogs are vulnerable to respiratory problems.

Ensure the environment they are in has plenty of fresh air and is not stuffy.

12. Grooming time is the best time for Peekapoo dogs.

cute peekapoo dog

He gets to lie on your lap as you brush his soft curly coat.

He will need brushing each day to maintain the shine on his coat.

Fortunately, he does not shed hair but his coat is prone to attracting pet dander.

Therefore, ensure you bathe him with quality shampoo and conditioners.

Clip his nails too once a while. And do not forget to brush his teeth every day to prevent bad odor and cavities.

Owning a Peekapoo is one of the best decisions you can make.

He not only offers unconditional companionship, he will also alert you of lurking intruders.

Keep him on a healthy dry food diet and exercise to ensure he grows strong.

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