10 Amazing Things about Boxerdoodle Dog

When it comes to finding a proper dog, I understand the importance of making the best choice.


It is only right to want to know everything about the breed that you will be spending the next 15 years with.

If you want a loyal and playful dog breed, there aren’t many that can match up the Boxerdoodle.

Today, let’s look at the ten most amazing things about Boxerdoodle, a rather unique mix.


Brief History of Boxerdoodle Dog

The Boxerdoodle is a mix between the playful and protective Boxer and the elegant and intelligent Poodle.

Since both the breeds are known for their intelligence, athleticism, and success as family dogs, it is not hard to guess the reason behind the cross to get a Boxerdoodle.

These dogs are easy to train, friendly, and suitable for families.

This friendly canine has thick and curly or wavy hair that is usually dark brown but also has shades of white and black.

These dogs are active and hence are not suited to apartment living because of their innate need for exercise and play.

The Boxerdoodle is also known as Boxerpoo.

These mixed breed dogs are found in shelters or breed-specific rescues, hence remember always to adopt!

If you are willing to add a Boxerdoodle to your home, it is always recommended not to shop for these canines.


Boxerdoodle Info Table

Height& Weight Male – 12-25 in and 15-70 lbs.
Female – 10-23 in and 12-60 lbs.
Lifespan 10-14 years
Country of Origin Germany
Breed Type Hybrid
Best Breed For Family and Kids

10 Amazing Things about Boxerdoodle Dog


Just like other designer breeds, the Boxerdoodle is not small, cute, and fluffy but is more gentle, sober, and occasionally crazy and dizzy.

However, being crossbred in the U.S, there are fewer details about their enduring health or their first bred and the reason. 

To understand the Boxerdoodle dog, it is essential to know a few details about the Boxer and the Poodle’s origins and temperaments. 


Boxerdoodle dogs come in three different sizes, from toy to standard and large range of sizes from small to large.

They are straight and husky with saggy ears, a lengthy tail, and a tiny snout like a Boxer.

The Boxerdoodle come in different color but is usually dark brown or copper-colored.

With small pawed and long legs, they are brisk runners and incredible swimmers and hence are often used for hunting ducks.



Boxerdoodle dogs come in various colors; however, shades of brown are usually the most common colors.

Their coats are normally curly and wavy though it ranges from short to long.

These breeds are considered to be an adaptable dog that gets adjusted to any kind of climate.

Ensure you provide a suitable dog coat if the weather gets too frosty and during summer, ensure shade and fresh water are always available during outdoor play and exercise sessions.


Since the Boxerdoodle is the mix of two well-known breeds, the Boxerdoodle has a sensitive side and hence should be careful while training.

The best way to train them is to reward them for good behavior. However, they can also be adamant.

Hence you have to ensure that they know who the owner is. They like kids.

However, they are more friendly with older ones. They also need to be single initially to get used to other pets.

Their playfulness is famed, and they are full of jolly pranks that will keep you laughing.


The Boxerdoodle dogs must be combed with a wire brush and comb every alternate day because of its lavish coat.

Most of the people prefer to have their canine well-groomed periodically. Their fur can get matted if not maintained properly.

Besides, their eyes and ears need special attention and should be cleaned and maintained once a week.

If these canines are not bathed regularly, they become smelly.

However, if they are shampooed too often, they will lose the oils that are required to keep their coat nourishing.

Further, you should brush your dog’s teeth at times to prevent any dental issues.



The first and foremost thing that you may want to know regarding a Boxerdoodle dog is: “Are Boxers hypoallergenic?”

Though Boxerdoodle’s coat needs less canine grooming; they are not considered as the hypoallergenic dog breed.

They are clean dogs that will typically groom themselves, but can still shed a significant amount and require some regular brushing.

However, this canine is not suggested for those who suffer from animal allergies.

7.Health and Diet

Boxerdoodles are generally thought-out to be healthy dogs when compared to other breeds.

It is important to plan regular health visits with your dog’s vet. Some of the common health problems these canines suffer includes –

  • Bloat
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Entropion

An ideal diet for this breed must be planned for a small, medium, or large dog depending on the individual.

However, in all cases, the breed has high energy.

Boxerdoodles must follow a specific diet followed by regular activity and training because overeating causes weight gain and health issues.

Just like other breeds, Boxerdoodle’s diet changes from puppyhood to adulthood and will continue to change into their senior years.

The owner must consult their veterinarian for the diet since their dietary plan varies among each dog depending on their weight, energy, and health.

8.Activity lovers

Though the Boxerdoodle enjoys activity and training, they can also be happy lying around in the house with you.

However, they must be involved in at least 45 minutes to an hour of activity or brisk exercise in a day to maintain good health.

They also enjoy swimming and hunting, and other options include walking, jogging, and agility training.

If your dog does not get enough exercise, they can have behavioral issues or expel due to boredom.

Therefore, it is always recommended to plan a daily exercise routine.



Purchasing a Boxerdoodle pup from a reputable breeder may cost more.

However, it confirms that you get a healthy dog. The cost change based on popularity.

Presently, the cost ranges from $1200 – $1500. It is required to provide certain things initially and get certain medical tests done such as a crate, leash, collar, spaying, microchip, and vaccinations, which may cost approximately $450 – $600.

10.Rescue Groups

To find a specific breed rescuer for Boxerdoodle dogs is difficult since they are mixed breeds.

But, one must try Boxer or Poodle breed rescues, as they often care for mixes.

Below are a few rescues you can try –

  • Green Acres Boxer Rescue
  • Carolina Poodle Rescue

Final Words

Boxerdoodle is an outstanding choice of a family dog that is both faithful and sharp-eyed.

If you need a dog that combines the finest traits of a Boxer and a Poodle, then the Boxerdoodle is the best choice.

Hope the above mentioned ten amazing things about this canine have been able to help you decide whether or not this dog is right for you.