10 Amazing Things About Labradoodle Dog

The highly energetic, hairy, and cute Labradoodle is a favorite ball of fur to many. They are cuddly, smart, active, and extremely smart.


Do you know they can be stubborn, as well? Surprised? That’s not all!

In this article, we will discuss ten such amazing things about Labradoodle dog that you probably haven’t yet heard. 

labradoodle dogs

1. All Labradoodles are not hypoallergenic

Although the breed most often causes some allergies and perhaps more than many other dogs, Labradoodle is not always totally hypoallergenic.

They have several types of coats, and depending on the type, allergic reaction differs. For example,

a. straight fur – such coat type sheds even more than others. Therefore, you better nor buy such a Labradoodle dog if you are allergy-prone.

Most owners prefer Labradoodle dogs with curly furs.

b. Wavy fur – This type of fur sheds quite less than straight fur.

Therefore, sensitive allergy-prone people may consider buying this dog. 

c. Curly fur – With rare shedding and little odor, curly furred Labradoodle dogs are the best among the lot. 

If you are incredibly prone to allergy, it’s better to buy such a dog. Also, Labradoodle dogs mostly shed during spring. 

labradoodle dog

2. There are various sizes of Labradoodle dog

Unlike popular notion, Labradoodle dog comes not in one but many sizes.

While people imagine Labradoodle, they think only furry cute small ones.

But the breed has several sizes, including two feet tall. It can weight from 45 to 65 pounds.

Again it can also be 15 inches tall with 25 pounds. Depending on the size of the Labradoodle, you should invest in the yard or crate.

3. Energetic and proactive nature of Labradoodle dog

Labradoodle is reputed for its smart and social nature. They are energized and love to meet new people and other animals.

This makes them extremely travel-friendly. They can adjust to the environment. 

Sometimes they can become aggressive and challenging to deal with, but their personality is generally on the softer side. 

Wonder why Labradoodle dogs are so good? It’s because of their parents.

Both of the parents, Poodles and Labrador Retrievers, are smartest and friendliest among dog breeds. 

With their smiling and friendly nature, they can easily attract anyone. They are also amazing with the kids. 

labradoodle dog brown

4. Labradoodle is different from Goldendoodles

Though people often think Labradoodle to be similar to Goldendoodles because of their similar nature and appearance, they have different traits.

Both of them are energized and active. But Goldendoodles generally have long hair and shed more than Labradoodle.

Therefore the former is not always suitable for allergy-prone people. 

While Labradoodle is more comfortable in the family, Goldendoodles are more open to strangers. However, they both are amazing breeds. 

5. Exercise is the key 

While you can shy away from rigorous exercise every morning, Labradoodle dog won’t.

They love to play and exercise regularly. Especially they love to jog alongside a bike, run freely in a field, play with a ball with the owner.

They don’t even shy away from water. They love to jump in a pool and swim. Sprinting and casing objects, too, are their favorite sports. 

cute labradoodle puppy

6. Long live Labradoodle

This point is extremely favorable for the owners. Labradoodle live a long and healthy life.

However, like a crossbreed, they often face some health troubles, including the following.

a. Ear issue – the big and floppy ears of Labradoodle causes bacteria. Regular cleaning is a must to prevent any infection. 

b. Hip issue – due to their activity, they often feel stretch at the hip. 

Other than these, they also come across troubles like diabetes, thyroid problems, epilepsy, etc. Regularly consulting vets is a good practice if you own a Labradoodle dog. 

7. Headstrong at times

So far, we have discussed how happy go lucky, jolly, and lively Labradoodle is.

But they can also get aggressive and headstrong at times. This is due to their Poddle background.

To manage such behavioral issues, you may train or consult a vet.

Keeping their company, spending quality time with them, giving them attention, playing with them cheer them up. 

labradoodle puppy

8. They are easy to train

While they are young, Labradoodle can be easily trained. They can catch anything quite easily and remember it for a long time.

They are also good to obey the command. Therefore such a fast learning nature makes them favorite to the owners.

However, remember that it has a negative side as well because they can also catch up on bad habits fast.

Therefore be sure they are in good company. 

9. Low maintenance

Unlike other dog breeds, they don’t demand too much or become rude with their owners.

Therefore it won’t cause you excessive financial investment. However, any and every dog breed comes with a few financial burdens.

But if you love pets and can afford the payments, it shouldn’t be an issue. 

labradoodle dog white

10. Picture perfect 

While Labradoodle is extremely popular on Instagram and any social media and some pictures can instantly drive much attention and storm of likes, Labradoodle themselves love to be pictured, making your job easier.

They pose cutely and cherish the way they get attention. 

Final Thoughts

Labradoodle dogs are extremely lovable and cute to everyone. However, only cuddling is not the end of owning a dog.

Buying or petting any dog breed comes with prerequisite responsibilities. Keep in mind that they will cost you a few extra bucks, and it’s better to be prepared beforehand.

Because dogs are more sensitive, they shouldn’t be deprived of their comfort.

Also, paying a visit to the vets regularly is a decent practice because the dogs, if not appropriately cared, may grow infection in ears, tails, hips, or any other places.

Also, make sure to spend time with Labradoodle; otherwise, they can get morose, which extremely affects their health.

Sometimes they can get aggressive. It’s better to keep them in a light mood and give them some time to restore sanity than being rude with them and make things worse.

Love them, and they will love you more! 

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