Yorkie Poo

Amazing Facts 

By Amie Conwall | Mar 16, 2023


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What’s a Yorkie Poo?

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How big do YorkiePoo get?

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Does Yorkie-Poo shed?

Do Yorkie Poo dogs bark a lot?

Do Yorkie Poo dogs bark a lot?

Where to Adopt Yorkiepoos?

Yorkie Poo is one of the sweetest tiny cross-breeds you could ever own. 

Number 0ne

Yorkipoos are very easy to train.

They are quick to grasp commands be it in potty training, behaving  themselves when visitors are around, or knowing when playtime is over. 

Number Two

Yorkie Poo will live for 10 to 15 years.

He may even surpass the 15-year mark as long as he is satisfied and happy. 

Number Three

Yorkie Poo owns healthy life

With a good diet and plenty of exercise, the Yorkie Poo will lead a very healthy life. 

Number Four

Yorkie poo hair is generally silky and wavy.

It can also get really shaggy if not well groomed. Brushing his coat daily helps prevent hair tangles. 

Number Five

Yorkie Poodle Mix do not shed that much hair.

It has a low-shedding coat and low dander, making it a good pet if you  suffer from allergies. They are hypoallergenic, so they are easy to  clean and maintain.  

Number Seven

Lifetime Companionship.

He will stay by your side for the rest of their lives. They do not mind laying on your lap all day as long as they are treated to plenty of back rubs. 



Yorkie Poos can be found in the care of rescue groups and shelters. You  can also search for top websites that offer for adoption.