Poo-Ton Dog | Coton de Tulear Poodle Mix Dog Breed

Poo-Ton varies a lot depending on the individual dog. In general, the medium-sized, friendly, and playful dogs with long soft fur are often called Poo-Ton.


Poo-Ton Dogs, also known as Poo-Ton Breeds in some circles, are “designer dogs” cross-bred with a poodle. The Poo-Ton Dog is recognized by the American Canine Association and has been for decades.

Over the years, many Poo-Ton breeds have been developed, some more eccentric than others. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Poo-Ton Dog.


What does Poo-Ton look like?

Poo-Ton is a medium dog breed that originated in Connecticut. They are mostly friendly and easy to train, though they can be stubborn at times.

Poo-Ton’s are well-known for their beautiful double-coat, which can be either short-haired or long-haired. Their fur is generally soft and dense, and their eyes are always brown. The average Poo-Ton stands at around 45cm tall and weighs around 34kg.

Their ears are usually long and floppy, and they have a friendly but serious expression. This makes them very cute, and many owners comment that they are excellent family dogs.

Poo-Ton is a dog breed that is closely related to the Poodle. It is believed that Poo-Ton originated from the cross-breeding of a Poodle and a Coton de Tulear.

The Poo-Ton has a somewhat short, thick, soft, water-repellent coat, which comes in a wide variety of colors. Typically, Poo-Ton dogs have dark eyes and a black nose.

How do these dog breeds get named Poo-Ton?


Did you know that the breed’s name is not a name but is a shortened form of the breed’s full name, which is itself a shortened form of the breed’s full name? It’s true; the full breed name is “Poo-Ton Canis familiaris fructus,” and the full shortened form is “Poo-Ton Canis familiaris fellas,” so it’s a bit odd that the breed is so named.

This origin is that the breed was originally named the “Poo-Ton Canis familiaris fruits,” but then a naming contest was held, and the name “Poo-Ton” was chosen.

How big does Poo-Ton get?

The answer to this question is not entirely certain, but field studies have yielded some results. The majority of the time, Poo-Ton weighs between 20 and 40 pounds, not a huge range.

This is not the whole story, however. If a Poo-Ton is raised in captivity, it will reach a maximum weight of about 70 pounds, whereas a captive Poo-Ton is unlikely to exceed 30 pounds.

How much does Poo-Ton weigh?

While most dogs have a maximum weight of just 30-50 lbs, some dog breeds, like the French Bulldog, can weigh upwards of 60 lbs. But even those who don’t exceed 50 lbs can be classified as Large.

Large Dogs are generally considered any dog that weighs in at 50 lbs or more, but some breeds exceed this weight even more than 60 lbs!

The Guinness World Record for the world’s largest dog is held by Hercules, a gentle Great Dane from Michigan, USA. He was awarded this record in September 2010, after weighing in at 282 lbs.

What is the Best Diet for Your Poo-Ton Dog?


As anyone who ever owned a poo-ton dog knows, there are many different dog diets out there. Some claim to be healthy, while others are meant to add pounds, while others are so healthy, they almost make you wish you were a dog.

Regardless of the diet, your poo-ton dog will probably live a lot longer than you will since his lifespan is usually measured in double-digit years. Still, the best diet for your poo-ton dog will depend on what he likes to eat, and his dietary needs since dogs are not all created equal, just like with humans.

Do Poo-Ton shed?

Do Poo-Ton dogs shed a lot? No! They have hair, not fur, so they shed very little. You’ll probably just see their hair around their bedding and on your clothes.

You may be surprised to learn that a dog’s size is not the biggest factor in how much shedding there is. Some large dogs shed less than some small dogs.

While there are many different breeds of dogs, all dogs have the same basic anatomy. They have the same fur, skin, and hair. However, the thickness and length of the fur, skin, and hair can vary greatly in some breeds.

I was walking my Poo-Ton one day when I noticed something: its skin was shedding. I was a tad concerned, so I called up my Vet, who just so happens to be a Poo-Ton expert, to find out if what I was seeing was normal.

“In layman’s terms?” she said. “Yes, your Poo-Ton is shedding.” So what exactly is going on? My Vet explained that while a Poo-Ton’s body is just one big muscle, the skin is, in fact, a part of that muscle—and as a result, it can separate from the body and come off. This shedding is completely natural and nothing to be alarmed about. It’s part of the Poo-Ton.

What kind of food do Poo-Ton dogs need? 

Poo-Ton dogs are picky eaters. They are slow eaters and will try to wait for you to leave. As you try to feed your Poo-Ton dog, he’ll try to sneak food under the couch and into the bags under his bed.

If you leave a bowl of food down for him, he’ll usually only eat a few bites and then leave the rest for later. Because of this, Poo-Ton dogs are best fed in a crate, so they feel more compelled to eat all their food.

How often should you bathe a Poo-Ton?


You’ve probably heard that it’s important to bathe your Poo-Ton, but how often should you be washing your dog? There is no clear-cut answer to this question.

Some dogs likes to be bathed more often, while others like to be bathed less often. The frequency with which you bathe your Poo-Ton will depend on exact coat type.

For example, a Poo-Ton with a double-coated coat (like the Siberian Husky) will require more frequent bathing than a Poo-Ton with a single-coated coat (like the Bichon Frise).

When you’re concerned about your Poo-Ton shedding, it can be hard to know what to do. Do you bathe your Poo-Ton as often as you think he needs it?

Do you bathe him only when he’s really dirty? Do you even know what clean is? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Poo-Ton owners often feel that they don’t know enough about Poo-Ton grooming to keep their pets looking and smelling their best.

Do Poo-Ton dogs bark a lot?

Do Poo-Ton dogs bark a lot? It seems to be the question that is on everyone’s mind these days. The neighbors are at their wits end with the constant barking from the dog next door. The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Poo-Ton dogs bark a lot.

Similar to the miniature Poodle, the Poo-Ton is a dog that is often used as a lapdog. However, unlike the Poodle, the Poo-Ton is known for barking a lot, and as such, is not often used for hunting.

Much of this is because the Poo-Ton is too large to be easily concealed in a hunter’s coat. It also takes a long time for the Poo-Ton to be trained to stop barking, and as such, most hunters would rather use a different type of dog for hunting.

Is Poo-Ton hypoallergenic?


Poo-Ton is a new hypoallergenic dog breed that came out of Japan a few years ago. Being hypoallergenic is about as useful a quality as being “anti-joke.” In other words, it just means you’re worse than the rest.

And that’s the same way it is for the Poo-Ton. What are they like? Well, compared to the other hypoallergenic dog breeds you probably know, they’re the less allergenic ones.

They’re the ones that make you say, “Well, I’ve had a lot of dogs, and all of the other hypoallergenic dog breeds were allergic to me, but these don’t seem to be. So, you know, I’m going to keep one of them.”

Is Poo-Ton easy to train?

The Poo-Ton is bred to be a companion dog, not a show dog. They are very intelligent and can be trained to do tricks. Poo-Ton’s are particularly good at learning tricks that help them act like a more traditional dog.

They can be trained to do basic commands such as “sit” and “stay.” They are relatively small and have a thick undercoat to keep them warm in the winter.

What are the Common Poo-Ton behavior problems?

Most people know that puppies are cute and fluffy. But unfortunately, cuteness and fluffiness are not enough to prepare someone for the real-world consequences of adopting a puppy.

For many new dog owners, the reality of taking care of a puppy can be very overwhelming. As a result, many people find that they do not know how to care for a dog or that their dog has behavior problems.

While this breed has become quite popular in recent years, not all Poo-Ton dogs live up to the breed standard. These are known as behavior problems and can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Dogs that shed too much
  • Dogs that bark too much
  • Dogs that are too noisy

How Frequently Do You Take Your Poo-Ton dog to the Vet?


If your pup loves to get dirty, it’s important to regularly make sure he gets a bath or at least a good brushing. Just how frequently do you take your Poo-Ton dog to the Vet?

If you have to ask, you should know that taking a dog to the Vet for bathing is standard practice, and you should probably have your Poo-Ton dog seen by a vet more often.

The Vet will check out your Poo-Ton dog’s eyes, teeth, and ears, as well as bathe your Poo-Ton dog and trim or clip your Poo-Ton dog’s nails.

How much does Poo-Ton cost?

The amount of money you have to spend on a Poo-Ton dog depends a lot on the specific type you get. In general, you’ll probably have to spend at least $100 to get a puppy of a breed that is likely to be healthy.

The Poo-Ton dog will cost about $300 to $400. However, you could easily spend much more, depending on what breed you get.

For example, a Poodle-Ton is likely to cost more than a Chihuahua-Ton because Poodles is considered a more fashionable, more expensive breed.

While the cost of owning a dog can vary from breed to breed, your dog’s size is often the biggest factor in determining how much you will spend. Large dogs tend to have larger food, veterinary, and other pet care bills than small dogs, and small dogs tend to be more expensive than large dogs.

However, the highest cost of all when it comes to owning your dog is the time you spend taking care of it. You can expect that you will spend a lot of time walking your dog, feeding it, grooming it, and of course playing with it.

Where to buy or adopt a Poo-Ton dog?

This is a dog that can be bought or adopted. The dog will generally come from a breeder or a shelter. There are many different breeds of Poo-Ton dogs. These breeds include Labrador Retriever, Bulldog, Beagle, etc.

The Poo-Ton dog breed Could cost $300 and up to $400. There is a good reason why Poo-Tons are called Poo-Tons. It is because they tend to have a lot of energy. This makes it more difficult to walk them as they tend to make running motions.

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