12 Amazing Facts About Newfypoo Dog Breed

Dogs are already a big part of the family of dog owners. They can provide you with fun, entertainment, and companion that can make you smile and relax.


Newfypoo is one of the most favorite dog breeds of pet owners today. It is a mix of Newfoundland and Poodle breeds.

In this article, we will discuss 12 amazing facts about the Newfypoo dog breed. 

1. Newfypoo dog likes to swim


One amazing fact about Newfypoo dogs is that they love to swim.

Since both Poodle and Newfoundland breeds are good swimmers, Newfy-poo can adapt its swimming skills.

This breed requires regular exercise to be at their best performance.

You must give them mental and physical stimulation to avoid being stressed, sad, and depressed.

Swimming is good for humans and pets alike as a form of exercise. This activity can provide fun and exercise.

It can also keep them clean and beautiful. 

2. This breed can be a good guard dog


Newfoundland Poodle mix has teachable and calm nature, but he or she can be a good guard dog.

Thus, it is loyal and protective of their human families. This dog has good nature, so it is not prone to be overly-suspicious or overly-protective.

If you want a lovable but reliable guard dog, Newfypoo can be your best choice. It can protect you from any danger.

This affectionate dog will make you feel cared for and loved.

So, you must also give them enough love, care, and attention for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

3. Newfypoo dog is very trainable


One unique characteristic of a this dog breed is they are very trainable.

From what we know, Poodle is among the smartest dog breeds. Well, dog adapts its intelligence from its heritage.

They are easy to train, but you must also reward them for motivating them to improve their performance.

Train them early to be a well-rounded dog. With this, you can also enhance their behavior when they’re with other people.

As much as possible, train them with positive enforcement. 

4. You must offer them with proper socialization


Keep in mind that this poodle mix dog requires proper socialization, especially when they’re still young.

This dog is not popular for going after other pets.

Meanwhile, you must give them proper socialization at a young age because a lack of socialization can lead to possible problems that are quite challenging to resolve.

By offering them with proper socialization, you can reduce potential problems in the future with your dog.

More importantly, it can also make them confident, especially when they’re with other humans and pets. 

5. This breed can be available in various coat colors


Newfypoo dogs can be available in different coat colors, including white, black, brown, pied, cream, blue, red, gray, and silver.

With this, you can choose the color you want. Besides, they also have different coat texture, length, and density.

Their coat density varies from sparse, normal and dense. The coat length can be short, medium, or long.

The texture of this dog breed can be wiry, straight, curly, wavy, and corded.

With the wide varieties of this dog breed, you can choose the best one that suits your taste and standards. 

6. Grooming for this dog breed can be challenging


Although the Newfypoo is not a high shredder breed, it can have a thicker coat, oily and water-repellent.

It means that you may need the help of professional dog groomers.

Proper grooming is important to keep your dog clean and beautiful.

If you can handle your dog’s grooming process, you can always ask for help from the professionals.

Grooming your poodle mix takes time and patience due to its thick, oily, and curly hair.

You need to brush them daily because their coat keeps on growing. 

7. Very good companion dog


This mixed breed of Poodle and Newfoundland is very friendly. They are protective and has a big heart.

They are a very good companion dog. They can get along with everyone they meet despite gender, age, or species.

It is a good pet for children. However, you must always supervise your pet when they’re around small kids.

If you’re alone at home, the Newfypoo can be your perfect buddy. By spending time with this dog, you can feel relaxed and happy.

They can provide you with a sense of belonging. It is very friendly and trainable, so you can easily manage your dog when you’re with them. 

8. They need lots of time


Take note that this dog is highly social. So, you must give them lots of time. Never leave your pet for a longer time.

Thus, it may lead them to suffer from separation anxiety. You can offer them enough exercise and fun activities.

You need more patience because their oily coat can leave dirt on your furniture. You must love your pet like your own child.

As much as possible, make your dog special, cared for, and loved. It makes them feel happy and appreciated.

You can provide them lots of time and care if you want to prolong their lifespan. 

9. They are smart dogs


The intelligence of Newfypoo is inherited from its parents. This smart dog can be your perfect companion dog.

This breed is confident, calm, and alert. If you want to have a caring but intelligent dog, this dog breed is the best solution.

They can easily learn from you by applying positive training techniques. 

10. Newfypoo is a designer dog


The Newfy-poo is a designer dog. In other words, it is a bred from 2 purebred dogs, the Poodle and Newfoundland.

Their parents are both intelligent and healthy breeds.

However, you must keep them healthy to avoid possible health issues that may threaten their life. 

11. This bred can be big dogs


Even though the Poodle is a medium-sized dog, Newfoundlands are big dogs.

So, Newfypoo can be big dogs. With this, you must offer them with big space.

For example, you can provide them with a playing space in your yard. 

12. Good family dog


Another amazing fact about the Newfypoo is it can be a good family dog. They are affectionate and protective of their human families.

It is perfect for families with kids, singles, and houses with yards. You can welcome this loyal and friendly dog in your family.

If you want a reliable and smart family dog, a this poodle mix is a good investment. 

There we go, so that is the list of 12 amazing facts about the Newfypoo dog breed.

What is Newfypoo?


Just like what we mentioned above, Newfypoo is a mixed breed of Poodle and Newfoundland.

Its height is about 22 to 30 inches and can weigh around 90 to 150 pounds. They live for about 8-12 years.

They are available in different colors, including brown, white, black, cream, silver, blue, and gray.

It is the perfect dog for families with kids, singles, and houses with yards.

It is also called Poofoundland, Newdle, Newfydoo, Newfoundlandoodle, Newfoundlandpoo, Newfydoodle, and Poofoundland.

With their good temperament, you have the assurance that they can be a lovable best friend for you. 

What Does a Newfypoo Look Like?


The Newfypoo has a square-shaped and well-proportioned size. Most Newfypoos have a wide head and small to medium-sized eyes.

Their eyes are commonly oval-shaped and come with amber to brown. Darker eyes are more common to this breed compared to lighter eyes. 

This dogs can also inherit their rounded triangular ears from their Newfoundland parent.

Their coat is usually curly and dense that can come in a double or single layer. 

Personality of Newfy-poo


Newfypoo dog breed is confident, calm, but alert.

They are caring and protective, so if you want a loving companion in your home, this breed can be the best option.

It is a smart and friendly dog. So, if you have other pets like cats, this breed can be a good choice.

They don’t bark much, but they will warn you if a stranger approaches you or your property.

This breed always wants to be with its owner. With that, you must shower her or him with lots of attention and time.

Never leave them for longer hours because it can result in separation anxiety. Instead, play with them more.

You can also cuddle them on your sofa. Your dog can be the best buddy in your home if you’re alone. 

What health problems do Newfypoo have?


Just like humans, you must be responsible for keeping your Newfypoo healthy and happy.

Ensure them with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and lots of love and attention.

This breed is prone to gastric dilation volvulus or bloating, which is life-threatening.

You must take immediate action to prevent the health issue of your dog from getting worse. 

Another major health issues for this breed include Subaortic Stenosis, cataracts, sebaceous adenitis, and canine hip dysplasia.

On the other hand, the Newfypoo also has a chance to suffer from minor health concerns like glaucoma, entropion, cherry eye, mitral valve dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, ectropion, and pemphigus.

If you want to make your Newfypoo healthy, you can provide them with regular medical checkups.

With that, you can early monitor if there’s a possible health problem with your dog. 

The diet and activities of your pet can also be factors for its overall health.

So, make sure that you offer them quality dog food and regular exercise that can make them physically and mentally alert. 


Nutrition is important for your Newfypoo’s overall health. Make sure to feed your pet with only high-quality food.

Raw food is also a good option for your dog. You can give them muscle meat, bone, and organ.

You can seek help from a professional veterinarian. There are many available quality dog foods in the market that you can purchase for your dog. 


You can provide your pet with light exercise. However, you must not overexercise them, especially during the hot weather.

It can make them lazy and ill. This dog is not hyperactive, but they love frequent activities and walks.

The recommended daily exercise for a Newfypoo is at least 60 minutes. This breed loves swimming.

You must note that playing and jumping at a young age can damage the joints of young Newfypoo.

With that, you must offer them with low-impact activities. By offering them balance exercise and diet, your pet can be in its top condition. 

Are Newfypoo easy to train?

Both parents of Newfypoo are intelligent dogs. So, no worries about the training of your pet.

They might be a handful to train, so you also need to be patient. You can motivate them to enhance their training performance by offering rewards.

If things are unfavorable to you, never give up on training them to be a good dog. 

What is the cost of puppy Newfypoo?


Do you plan to purchase your puppy, Newfypoo? Then, expect to spend about $500 to $2000.

The cost of this dog can also vary based on your location and other factors. It is necessary to buy your puppy only from highly reputable breeders.

You can research about them, so you have the assurance that you can purchase a healthy puppy Newfypoo. 

Grooming of the Newfypoo


Since Newfypoo has a thick coat, proper grooming is important. Grooming for your pet can be challenging and time-consuming.

You need to brush the curly and thick coat of your pet daily. Besides, you must also bathe them at least once a month or if needed.

It is also essential to trim your pet regularly because their coat continues to grow.

You must check their ears regularly to know if there’s irritation or infection. You need more patience with this pet.

Thus, they love to be wet, dirty, and muddy, so you need to bathe and clean them more often. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Newfypoo


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Newfypoo dog breed. 

Q: What are the best activities for your Newfypoo? 

A: Newfypoo doesn’t need too many physical activities. You can provide them with at least 60 minutes of light exercises, such as walking and swimming.

They love to swim, so offer them fun playtime in the pool.

Remember that young Newfypoo can damage their joints with jumping and heavy exercise. So, you must not force them to exercise at an early age. 

Q: Is it a good family dog?


A: Yes, the Newfypoo dog breed is a good family dog, and they love being part of a human family.

They are also good, even with kids. Just make sure to supervise this dog when interacting with small kids.

This dog breed is considered as a nanny dog for small children. 

Q: Why should you choose the Newfypoo as your pet?

A: Newfypoo can be your best pet. It is a good family dog, so you can welcome it to your family.

Newfypoo is also a loving, affectionate, friendly, and intelligent dog. They are highly trainable because of their smart nature. 

Q: Is it good with other pets?


A: Fortunately, Newfypoo works well with other pets. They will not bark at other pets like rabbits, cats, birds, or other dogs with their friendly and pleasant personality.

If they begin to bond with other dogs, they can even protect their dog friends from any danger. 

Q: What should you know before owning this dog breed?

A: Before you own a Newfypoo, you must know about their dietary requirements. You also need to have plenty of time to take care of them. 

Q: How to take care of a Newfypoo?


A: Taking care of a Newfypoo requires time, dedication, and patience. Make sure that you will be responsible for taking care of your pet.

Even more important, you must shower this dog breed with lots of love and attention.

You must also provide them with their basic needs, including proper diet, exercise, medical needs, and more. 


Newfypoo can be the best pet for you if you want a good family dog. This dog has a good temperament, so you can make them as your great companion dog.

It is also a low shredder dog; however, its coat is thicker, oily, and curly. Its coat continues to grow, so you must trim them regularly.

It is also important to bathe them regularly to keep them clean and healthy. This intelligent dog is trainable, so you can train them for socialization.

On the other hand, they are prone to separation anxiety or even depression.

Therefore, make sure to give them lots of love, time, and attention. Make your pet feel loved and appreciated.

They love to be always with their owner. So, treat them special like your own child. 

Do you want to have a lovable, fun, and intelligent pet in your home? What are you waiting for? Get your Newfypoo today! 

Are you ready to welcome a new family member to your home? What are you waiting for?

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