12 Amazing things About Maltipoo

If you want to know true love and affection, get yourself a Maltipoo.


He is charming, active and takes to people very fast. Here are a few things to know about this cute fellow before you bring him home.

1. Maltipoo is a recent addition to the line of toy pet dogs.

white maltipoo puppy

He originates from the United States where he was bred for companionship.

His parents are the Teacup Maltese and Toy poodle, two quality pedigree dogs loved for their elegant personalities.

It is believed that the Malti poo takes the finest traits of his parents and shapes his own unique persona.

2. Coat Color Will be black, white or brown.

white multi poo dog

Maltipoo is so tiny you may fail to notice him when he is perched on his favorite couch.

But you cannot ignore the warmth in his dark adorable eyes complemented by a black button nose.

His fur coat can either be black, white, brown, or a mixture of either of the three colors.

Moreover, his coat can be really curly, wavy or completely straight.

While curled up, he is a tiny ball of cuddly fluff.

When he stands, you notice his well-balanced body, tiny legs, and an equally velvety tail that is quite often straightened out.

3. He will weight about 5 pounds to 20 pounds.

white multidoodle

Maltipoo’s height ranges from 8 inches to 14 inches from the shoulder.

With a little more love, he may grow some extra inches taller or weigh heavier.

Either way, he will still be a tiny hairy fellow with so much energy.

4. Maltipoo breeds will live for 12 to 14 years.

poodle maltese mix

Malti poo, like most toy pets, lives for about 10 to 13 years. Some Maltipoo breeds will live for 12 to 14 years.

Check how long his parents have been around for to get an exact estimate for your dog.

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5. Maltipoo is not the type of dog to grow tired of.

poodle maltese mix dog

In his own company, the Maltipoo tends to be calm and quiet. But when he sees you, or any human, he switches to a friendly and outgoing persona.

He gets attached to people very easily and forms a very strong bond with them.

So much so that depression and anxiety kick in when he gets impatient.

He can be quiet or playful when you need him to be.

His personality is well suited for children beyond the age of 4, elderly people, or anyone living on their own.

He also gets along with other pets whether it is a dog, canary, hamster, or a cat.

Maltipoo is the type of dog to welcome you home with cheers.

He gets very energetic when he spots his owner and does not shy from wagging his tail at that new guest.

He always strives to make people feel at home because he genuinely loves them.

6. Intelligence Level inherits form Poodle.

maltidoodle puppy

Being the descendant of a Poodle, Maltipoo is an intelligent and agile chap.

He also carries the energy and inquisitiveness of the Maltese. With these two traits, he makes one of the easiest dogs to train.

In addition, he is always eager to please his owner, so learning new tricks faster is one way of showing his appreciation.

7. Training needs a lot of dedication.

maltipoo poodle maltese mix

Training your Maltipoo is very easy but needs a lot of dedication.

The best time to start training him is when he is a pup.

If you are buying a fully grown Maltipoo, find out if he received prior training from his previous handlers.

While training him, watch out for his fragile ego. Do not shout or force him into doing anything.

All this will do is crush his ego and reduce him to fear and withdrawal.

Instead, use praises and lots of doggy treats for everything he gets right.

Give him a snack and pat his back when he responds positively to a new stranger.

Add another snack when he successfully does his business outside the house.

Reward him more when he finally learns to love his own company and not depend too much on your presence.

8. He is a very fragile dog.

maltipoo puppy

Maltipoo is quite energetic and loves activity. However, it doesn’t mean you have to take him out to the park every day.

Short morning or evening walks are enough to help him release the pent-up energy.

Exercising him can also be as simple as buying a ball and letting him chase it around the house.

If you have kids caring kids in the house, he will make a great playmate for them.

However, be careful about leaving him with underage kids.

He is a very fragile dog and can easily break a bone if dropped accidentally.

9. What should I feed my Maltipoo?

maltipoo dog smile

Feed him plenty of dry kibbles mixed with high-quality pedigree food.

Dry kibble helps him keep strong teeth and prevent tooth loss, bad breath or gum infection.

He will also love some canned food, but feed him smaller rations to prevent the buildup of plaque.

10. Health Problems.

black white maltipoo dog

If your Maltipoo is a well-bred dog, you do not have to worry about him getting sick. He seldom sheds fur and rarely drools.

His coat will remain shiny and silky as long as you bath and brush him regularly.

He may be predisposed to some of the illnesses that affect his parents, but it is not likely he will fall sick.

Ask the breeder if the Maltipoo’s parents were affected by any health issues. This helps you know what to expect in your Maltipoo and stay prepared.

11. Brush his coat daily and bathe him regularly.

maltese poodle mix dog

Grooming is essential to keep the Maltipoo’s coat smooth and untangled.

If you introduce grooming early when he is a pup, he can grow to like and look forward to it.

Brush his coat daily and bathe him regularly. Use a quality shampoo and fur conditioner to get the best results.

12. Less Aggressiveness.

maltese poodle mix maltipoo

If you love a quiet well-mannered dog, you will find great companionship in the Maltipoo.

He seldom barks unless irritated or feels anxious. However, you have to control his barking right from when he is a pup.

If left unmonitored, his barking becomes an irritating habit that is carried on to adulthood.

On the other hand, his mild nature does not make him the best guard dog.

In fact, he is best kept on a leash to prevent him from wandering out where is is vulnerable to danger.

Keep him in the company of a guard dog like a Pitbull or Doberman, he will feel safer this way.

Maltipoo is the kind of dog that thrives on mutual friendship. Treat him right and he will offer his unconditional love and loyalty.

Groom him frequently, compliment him during training, and pamper him with toys.

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