How Much Do Bernedoodle Cost?

The Bernedoodle or the Bernese Mountain Poo is relatively new to the world. They are hybrids and were introduced to dog lovers in 2003.


It is not bred for races or competitions; rather, it is a joyous and loving breed.

The very nature of it has made it famous, and dog enthusiasts always look for an opportunity to get their hands on one.

The Breed’s popularity and stricter norms for breeding have made the Bernedoodle expensive.


How To Find A Good And Trusted Breeder?

It is essential to find a quality Bernedoodle breeder. People try to scam dog lovers, and therefore, you must buy any dog from a trusted breeder.

First and foremost, you should visit the website of the breeder. If they are into breeding business, it will be easier to find.

If they are individual breeders, you can look for their social media accounts to gain crucial information.

Another way of finding good breeders is to check their reviews. You could find information on websites, social media accounts, or through their peers.

Visiting the breeder is also an option. You could check the parents of the pups to ensure that they are Bernadoodles.

You must have an opportunity to select a particular type of Bernedoodle as they include Swiss Ridge Kennels, Rocky Mountain, Tri-Color, Mini Bernedoodles, and so forth.

What Determines The Cost Of A Bernedoodle?

The cost of Bernedoodle is high. Many factors determine their pricing. The most crucial factor is where you buy them from.


Depending upon the region, they could go as high as $5000, or you could find them for around $800. Other factors include:

  • Coat Color –the color of the coat defines the price of most of the dog breeds. If the Bernadoodle is tri-colored, it will be more expensive. The most common ones are black and bi-colored.
  • Size – usually, mini ones cost a lot more than the normal ones. Standard Bernedoodle weighs around 50lbs or more and can grow up to 29 inches tall. The mini ones grow up to 22 inches and weigh below 50lbs.
  • New Breed – the fact that they are unique in the market has made them expensive. Moreover, if they are from the F1 generation, they are more expensive. F1 generations come from breeding a Poodle with a Bernese mountain dog.
  • Trusted Breeders – if you are buying from a reputed breeder, the dog will cost more. This is so because good breeders choose healthy parents to mix. Also, the Bernedoodle will have good traits of both the Breed and will be healthy.

Buy From A Reputed Breeder 

Bernadoodles are intelligent and friendly dogs. They can prove to be stubborn but become easy to tame as they age.

They are gentle and have a non-allergenic coat, which makes that family-friendly. They also grow up to a decent size.

They prove as the perfect family dog, and hence, they are in huge demand.

It is ideal to buy a Bernedoodle from a trusted breeder. This will ensure that the puppy grows to be healthy and has a good coat.

Depending upon its color, generation, and where you buy it from, the price of a Bernadoodle can vary greatly.

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