How Can Grooming Make Your Doodle Happier? 

Some pet owners love to take care of their pets on their own. But it is not always possible because men need to go to work and maintain a busy schedule in their working places. Also, some owners think that they don’t have the necessary expertise like a professional groomer.


So, responsible owners prefer to take their dogs to professional groomers to ensure that their dogs feel healthy, happy, clean, and fresh.

Grooming is important as it offers your dog several health benefits like removing the tangles and mats from hair; reducing skin irritation; providing health checks; ensuring social stimulation, protecting from parasite infestations, and so on.

So, your dog will be automatically happier after grooming because of these health benefits and the overall cleanliness and freshness it provides.


1. Get Skin Protection

One of the common health problems of dogs is skin disorders. The earlier you identify your dog’s skin problems, the better you can treat him. When you observe any abnormality in his Skin, take him to the nearest veterinary center as early as possible.

Some of the common skin diseases and infections include skin allergies, especially around the eyes, ears, paws, armpits, and groin area; eczema; ringworm; hotspots; skin infection; continuous licking, biting, and itching of parasites within the dog’s body; etc.

Regular grooming can detect these problems earlier and helps to maintain and promote healthy Skin for your dog. Happiness comes to these poor dogs in the form of relief from crawly, itchy Skin.

Brushing, washing, and shampooing make a dog’s Skin get rid of dirt, debris, mats, allergens, and infections and smooth the inflamed Skin.

2. Keep a Healthy, Shiny Coat

A dog’s coat is the insulating layer between the external environment and your pup’s Skin. It protects them from the cold in the winter, the sun and heat in the summer, and abrasions and cuts. 

So, to regulate a dog’s skin temperature and protect its delicate Skin, coat care, coat length, and overall correct grooming practices are a must. =

A dog’s hair growth is mainly affected by hormones, nutrition, and seasonal changes. If the hair is not brushed properly regularly, it can cause heavy matting, which may result in skin irritation and dog pain.

A healthy coat looks soft, shiny, and relatively smooth but not greasy. On the other hand, an unhealthy coat looks dry and brittle with loose hair, greasy, dull appearance, unpleasant scent, or bald spots.

Address such issues to the groomer. They will determine the best grooming products and methods for your dog’s specific coat type.

Plus, they know exactly which kind of product suits which breed; for example, they can help you find the best brush for goldendoodle or the best shampoo for German shepherds.


3. Reduce Matted Fur

Depending on their breed, dogs have different coats. They can have silky coats like Maltese, short coats like Doberman Pinscher, smooth, wavy coats like Labradoodle, long coats like Afghan Hound, etc. Most long coats tend to get matted if not groomed and maintained.

Matted fur can be very uncomfortable for your dog. Besides, it also causes skin conditions. When you do not provide your dog with regular grooming, your dog can suffer from matting. 

And severe matting can hinder normal blood flow and body movement, pull their Skin tightly, lead to deformity, and so on.

Grooming the dogs regularly can reduce matting. If your pup has a long coat, use a detangling leave-in conditioning spray to comb and brush them regularly.   

4. Spot and Treat Fleas or Ticks

Grooming regularly can provide a great opportunity to identify fleas and ticks. The longer the period fleas or ticks resides on your dog, the more it becomes prone to severe problems. 

When your groomer identifies fleas early, he can prevent the out-of-control infestation. He can also find ticks and prevent serious infections such as Lyme disease.

As a pet owner, you must check your dog for ticks when your dog comes home from a walk, especially in the long grasses or woods.

A groomer can identify ticks and fleas through brushing, though identifying their eggs is challenging. But they do their best to treat these fleas or ticks.

5. Nail Trimming Support Physical Health

You need to trim your dog’s nails every four weeks. When their nails are overgrown, the dogs make a click-click sound on the sidewalk or floor while walking.

Overgrown nails are dangerous as they can break and then bleed. Nails can also curl backward, which can cause irregular gait that results in skeleton damage. However, cutting the nails is tricky; do not try to cut them quickly.

Dog owners may be nervous about cutting their nails, especially when the dogs have blackened nails. So, it’s better to take your dog to the groomer so that he can trim your dog’s nails perfectly. And thus, your dog can experience a comfortable cutting.

6. Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells and Hair

When dead Skin increases on your dog, it may become incredibly itchy. As your dog continues to itching, it can result in raw, red, and painful Skin. Most importantly, smelly yeasts grow on top of the dead Skin. 

When you inform the issues of the groomer, he can remove the dead hair and skin cells by brushing and bathing your dog properly.

Brushing can remove dead fur and prevent matting and tangles. Groomers frequently wash the dog’s hair with hydrating, hair-strengthening, and natural shampoos. They also use pinned brushes that penetrate the dog’s hair and stimulate its Skin.

The groomers know the best methods and procedures to take care of your pup. They can also ensure that your dog will be happier after experiencing the grooming session.

7. Reduce the Chance of Ear Infection


As a pet owner, you must ensure good grooming for your dog, whether by yourself or by taking him to the professionals.

When you give your dog regular grooming, the groomer takes care of your dog completely. No dog owner wants their dogs to suffer from stuffed, smelly ears as it puts them at a greater risk of ear infections.

Some dogs require more thorough and frequent cleaning because they are genetically predisposed to ear infections.

Other dogs may have excessive glands in their ear canals that can produce secretions and demand regular cleaning.

Cleaning your dog’s ears is an important part of the groomer’s routine. They know how to complete the task safely.

8. Finding Lumps and Bumps

The more you let your groomer handle your dog, the better. Because by doing so, the groomer becomes more familiarized with the parts of your dog’s body. Then he can easily notice if there are any lumps, bumps, or other abnormalities.

Lumps can be both hard and soft. Some lumps are more serious than others. As always, early detection of the problems is the best way to treat and prevent them before it worsens.

Some common skin tumors include abscesses, warts, fatty tumors, mast cell tumors, etc.

Once the groomer identifies the lumps on your dog, he can monitor how the size of the lump changes over time. He will suggest you book an appointment with a vet to treat it if needed.  

9. Identify Health Concerns

Pet owners don’t have the adequate knowledge or expertise to discover their dogs’ health issues. So, the groomer is the one who can identify the health problems early, even when the pet owner does not notice either.

Throughout the grooming session, groomers can find cuts, insect bites, dry spots, scratches, and other related issues on the dog’s Skin.

When you visit the groomer regularly, for instance, every few weeks, he can always be aware of your pup, whether it has problems with nails, ears, Skin, and the rest of the body. They can take care of these issues with special attention to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Final Thoughts

Occasional grooming is a common necessity for all types of dog breeds, whether short-haired, long-haired, big-breed, small-breed, etc.

Good grooming includes washing, brushing, trimming, physical checkup, etc. Thus, grooming makes life better for both pets and pet owners.

A clean dog is indeed a huggable dog. When your dog is smooth, fresh, and smells good, you cannot but cuddle up and snuggle.

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