12 Amazing Facts About Corgipoo Dog Breed

Corgipoo is a mix breed of Poodles and Welsh Corgis. It is considered a modern kind of dog, and although there are no standards available, a poodle is a common choice for designer dogs.


It is likely to get many details on this poodle mix. You must know the histories and character traits of the parent breed to know the possible characteristics of the hybrid and the dispositions of Corgipoo.

Both the Welsh Corgis and the toy poodles are often difficult to find, so that is the reason why Corgipoos are very common.

As puppy, Corgipoo is very loveable, adorable as well as exceptional, and many pet lovers let Corgipoos get away with just about anything.

However, you must t let this hybrid dog carry this out. They’re going to try to be pack leaders, although they are puppies.

That is the reason why it is vital to begin socialization as well as training when possible.

What Are the Characteristics of Corgipoo?


Like other crossbreed dogs out there, Corgipoo can inherit the characters of either parent or both.

Sometimes, it is believed that this breed of dog tends to inherit health issues or none of its parents’ health issues.

Some also believe that a crossbreed like Corgi-poodle is stronger and less likely to take over health issues like the parent breeds.

The reality is that not all crossbreeds inherit 50 percent of their characteristics from one parent and then 50 percent from another parent.

It can be weighted mainly towards the features of one parent over the other. With all crossbreeds, you need to wait and see how it becomes.

Corgipoo puppies tend to inherit the classic look and physique of the typical corgi.

However, with the facial characteristics of a poodle.

Corgipoo characteristics will be a mixture of nature and nurture, genetics of parents, quality and environment, and training and socialization timing.

All these play a vital part in firming this breed of dog’s behavior and personality.

Aside from remarkable features or characteristics, there are other amazing things you need to know about Corgipoos.

So, here are the top 12 amazing things about this poodle mix. Check this out!

1. The Name Corgipoos Mirror their Size


The name Corgipoo reflects its size. Only measuring 10 inches to the 13-inch height, these small but cute dogs have a name that mirrors their stature.

The name cor means dwarf in Welsh, so their name means small or dwarf dog.

2. They Are Herders


Even if you might not realize it by the size, this dog’s breed is a herding dog. It is the smallest breed of dog.

Specifically, it was hybrid to work with cattle and kept them moving through nipping at their hooves.

This makes Corgipoo heelers, and their miniature appearance worked to their benefit in this position.

The agility of this breed of a dog means this breed of dog can do the job efficiently without getting trampled, along with being low to the ground.

Certainly, if you have this type of dog at home, you might have noticed that his or her heel nipping characteristic has come up, particularly once he or she sees you running.

There is no need to fear, as this breed of dog can be trained out of this habit, most particularly if you begin young.

3. Corgipoos are Extremely Clever


This is one of the most amazing things about Corgipoos. They are very bright or smart, aside from being spunky and cute.

As a matter of fact, out of hundreds of breed of dogs, Corgipoos ranked by canine IQ, this breed of dog came in the eleventh position.

While this smart is an asset in training, it can also signify that this breed of dogs can outwit their owners most, especially if they are not very careful.

This breed of dog is also renowned for being strong-willed; therefore, early and consistent training is the solution to harness their cleverness in the best way possible.

4. Corgipoos are Extremely Talkative


Not just human beings and parrot are talkative, but also a dog. For a breed of dogs, which is very small, Corgipoos has a big bark.

The deep and loud vocalizations of this breed of dog came in handy once they were herding, as they used the loud bark in keeping cattle moving.

As this breed of dogs is relatively alert and remarkable watchdogs, Corgipoo used their voice any moment they get to allow their owners to know what is happening.

Given the extreme cleverness and aptitude of Corgipoo, they have a lot to commune and not like other breeds that may howl or whine, this breed of dog will bark to get their point across.

5. Most Are Not Born with No Tails

Breed standards show that this breed of dog shouldn’t have a tail. And while some breed will be born with no tail at all, the majority acquires this look because of tail docking, which happens once they’re a few days old.

However, tail docking has been prohibited, except when the process is deemed medically required by a vet.

The same regulation went into effect in other countries like Australia, and Europe has prohibited this method.

6. All Puppies Have the Same Appearance


All of the Corgipoos puppies have almost the same appearance. On the other hand, character traits are going to differ considerably based on the canine from which they got their genes.

7. They are Fearless


This breed of dog is fearless with a quite even temper. Corgipoos are stubborn, and with their high level of energy, they will require attention and effort.

They can also be destructive once bored, so you should have lots of patience and persistence with this cute but fearless breed of dog as an owner.

8. Corgipoos are Sociable

The Corgipoos is a charming mixture of two sweet and soft small dogs. The small size must not be mistaken for weakness; this is because they are very smart, curious, and protective of their loved ones.

They know how to compensate for the trust and the love you gave to them.

Early socialization, as well as learning discipline, is highly suggested for smart and active crossbreed dogs.

This hybrid dog has two smart parents that will be strong-willed and always wanted to be kept active and useful.

Corgipoo is not for you if you are not able to provide time and lots of attention.

This small mixed dog craves the company and can be clingy and can experience separation anxiety once separated from the owner for a very long time.

So, when socializing and training this breed of dogs, they will be friendly and approachable around animals and kids.

So, if you have kids at home and decided to get this breed of dog, make sure you have more time to spend in training and socialization to become more friendly and approachable.

9. They Are Very Loyal


If you are searching for a loyal buddy, then Corgipoos is the best and ideal choice.

Any corgi mixture tends to be loyal and has a loving temperament once trained and socialized well.

Also, they will make an extremely caring as well as a protective buddy for dog lovers.

This breed of dog can form a strong rapport with the owner, and at the same time, take pleasure in other company; however, might become clingy and suffer once not in the company of their loved one.

10. Very Expensive Breed of Dog


Once you combine two very popular and the best-loved breed of dogs, the resulting hybrid, most particularly a designer doodle, will be very desirable but costly.

The AKC or American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize Corgipoos because it is not a 100 percent purebred dog.

According to the monitoring body of the popularity of crossbreed dogs – DRA or Dog Registry of America, it’s gaining popularity.

This type of dog doesn’t take over a prey instinct from the Poodle or Welsh Corgi parent. Therefore, it can be trusted around kids as well as other small animals.

11. Easy to Train

This breed of dog is very outgoing and sometimes a determined, small dog that is clever and smart.

However, there are also instances wherein this breed of dog can be a troublemaker.

Therefore, they have to be trained properly and socialize, starting from a very young age.

They will be alert as well a suspicious of strangers and might bark. Therefore, they must be trained to refrain from barking when it feels like it.

Therefore, to keep this small cute dog in check, integrate control during playtime to eliminate or limit tedium and dullness and never let it turn down to cooperate.

The trainability of this smart and clever breed of dog will be relatively easy if you are patient.

Small treats and positive reinforcement will work well with Corgipoos but not harsh control, any type of negative penalty, as well as physical restraint as it might only say no to work with you.

They are very naughty and energetic; therefore, it requires around one-hour everyday workouts or activities to avoid troublesome behavior.

Aside from being smart, this breed of dogs is also very alert and will like to have a purpose once trained.

It’s not the simplest and easiest breed of dog to train because of its strong-willed character, but can easily be bores and inflexible.

This breed of dog enjoys challenges involving physical and mental stimulation, or else, they might misbehave.

You need to keep this dog busy with a lot of physical activities because it easily and will become destructive.

There is also a tendency of barking once provoked or under-stimulated.

12. Ideal Pet for People with Allergies


This breed of dog is considered the best and ideal choice for people with allergies.

This is because this dog has a fluffy coat that sheds little to nothing, and what is more, it does not make a specific doggie smell.

The fact that this dog’s fur never stops growing, daily or regular grooming is very important.

How to Care for Corgipoos

A Corgipoo is a very loveable and smart dog that is a good companion and a family pet.

On the other hand, it is vital to know how to take good care of this breed of dogs to maintain their health. So, here are the tips on how to do so:


A Corgipoo required lots of combination of exercise blending challenges and fun; conversely, as a tiny breed of dog, it must be split across the day.

Food or Feeding

Feed as a miniature size dog, two times a day, one cup of Kibble formulated dog food and the motive to eat slowly, possibly with the use of a feeding bowl to avoid bloating.

Proper Grooming

This type of dog comes with a double or thick coat; the outer is thick and protective while the inner coat is soft, curly, short, and water-resistant.

A light to moderate shedder, needing daily brushing to keep this breed of dog conditioned as well as healthy.


This breed of dogs must be bathed once needed, however not too often, because the hair has natural oils stripped in too much washing.

Specific dog formulated shampoos have twice the effect of cleaning the coat and securing against insect bites and fleas.

Cleaning Ears, Nails as well as Teeth

As with all kinds of dogs, the teeth have to be brushed regularly to avoid plaque buildup.

Chewing breaks down plaque, therefore making use of chew toys, bare-bones, soft toothbrushes, and toothpaste.

Nails grow fast and have to be cut regularly, like, for instance, once a month, and make sure to check for debris that can cause infection.

Is a corgipoo the right dog for you?


This breed of dog is very active as well as energetic. They also like mental as well as physical challenges and lots of playtimes.

Once obedience and socialized trained, it will become friends as well as follow commands. On the other hand, it can also be aloof around strangers.

This breed of dog has to keep active and will bark constantly or chew things once left alone, so they have to be kept company, busy and stimulated.

Chew toys are very vital to help with getting rid of boredom. This breed of dog will be extremely protective of its loved ones.

Therefore, it is required to be trained a lot to adapt to a stranger when young.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Corgipoo


Aside from the amazing things about Corgipoo, you also need to know the pros and cons of owning this kind of dog.

This helps determine if this dog is ideal for you and your family or not. So, here they are:


There are many pros to owning this kind of dog, such as:

  • They are alert, protective as well as bonds strongly with the owners
  • Ideal for any size of owner and home as well
  • They are very affectionate and smart
  • They are very energetic with amazing stamina
  • They are loveable and have a calm temperament
  • Makes a good watchdog for everyone


Despite the many advantages, owning this kind of dog also comes with some drawbacks such as:

  • They are destructive once left alone. They will chew and bite things
  • They are also very aloof with strangers
  • They can be stubborn as well
  • They can be clingy as well as tends suffering separation anxiety
  • Training needs patience
  • High maintenance is required, daily intensive grooming


As you have learned, the amazing things about Corgipoos, including a quirky and adorable demeanor, they are also very smart and clever.

On the other hand, this breed of dogs has needs and demands that need companionship.

And the older this dog gets, the more susceptible to serious health issues, which leave this dog to rely on you.

So, are you ready to own a Corgipoo? Well, we urge future owners to consider the things mentioned above when deciding on getting one or if this breed of dog is the perfect one to bring into your home or family.

Are you ready to welcome a new family member to your home? What are you waiting for? Get your Corgipoo now!

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