12 Amazing Things You Need to Know About Cockapoo

Cute, happy, playful, outgoing, mischievous … there are not enough words to describe the little charming fellow, the Cockapoo.


He is a proud entertainer and boasts of a personality that can light up a dull moment.

Bred for companionship, he is a low-budget pedigree dog who will live anywhere with his beloved owner.

1. Cockapoo puppies were born by chance.

white cockapoo puppies

It is said that the first Cockapoo puppies were born by chance. They were descendants of the Toy Poodle and the American Cocker Spaniel.

Nevertheless, the dogs’ owners found the litter to have unique desirable traits passed down from the parents.

Soon enough, breeding the Cockapoodle became a popular trend in America and Europe.

Today the Cockapoo may be born of either an American or European Cocker Spaniel parent.

American breed is the Cockapoo while the European breed is nicknamed the Spoodle.

Other nicknames are Cock-a-poo, Cockapoodle, or Cockerpoo.

Cockapoo is one of the hybrid dogs known for its diversity. If constantly born of purebred parents, the litter will always come out with completely different traits.

So much so that some cross-breeders prefer breeding multi-generational parents to maintain some qualities in the pups.

2. Cockapoo is quite an adorable fellow to look at.

white cockapoo dogs

His cute dark eyes draw you to him instantly. His natural gift as a heart charmer prompts you to pick him up and place him on your lap.

By the way, once he lies on your lap, he owns it for life.

His fluffy coat may bear a variety of colors. He may be black, tan, cream, or beige.

He may also be chocolate, cream, brown, or pure white in colors.

Some cock-a-poos are beige while others are pure redheads. His fur coat appearance is highly influenced by the colors of his parents.

3. Tiniest Cockapoo grows to at most 10 inches in height.

cute brown cockapoo puppy

Cockapoo’s height ranges from a midget to tallish. Tiniest Cockapoo grows to at most 10 inches in height.

He is followed by his slightly taller brother who grows to a height between 9 to 11 inches. He may also have siblings who grow up to 14 inches or 15 inches.

The same can be said about his weight. If he is a tiny fluffy guy, he will weigh no more than 6 pounds.

Alternatively, he can be heavier averaging between 12 pounds and 19 pounds.

4. Cockapoo lifespan is around 12 years.

cocker spaniel poodle mix

Your Spoodle has about 12 years of keeping you happy and less lonely.

Feed him lots of love and affection and he is glad to extend his lifespan to 15 years.

Do not be surprised if he lives beyond his time-frame, he is just happy and contented to be with you.
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5. Cockapoo will never let you feel lonely.

cocka poo puppy

Bred for companionship, the Cockapoo is a natural charmer. Encounter him the first time and he is quick to be a clown.

He is equally easy to please and always ready for playtime with anyone.

For the years you have him, Cockapoodle will never let you feel lonely.

He will be pacing quietly behind you wherever you go if not rolling around your feet.

When he is exhausted, a quick nap on your lap is enough to recharge his energy.

He also does not mind being petted, while on your lap, as you enjoy the company of your guests.

6. He will understand facial expressions.

cockapoo dogs poodle cocka spaniel mix

Cockapoo is a very intelligent fellow drawing his genius from his parent the Poodle. He has a natural ability to learn fast and on the go.

He will understand gestures, words and even learn how to read facial expressions and emotions.

If you are feeling under the weather, he will extend his paw to comfort you.

And when you are happy, his tail wags rapidly and he will fetch his ball for playtime.

Also, Spoodle forms a strong bond with his owner, one that will last for years.

7. Training sessions with a Spoodle are seamless and fun.

cockapoo dog smile

Given his acumen, he is able to learn new tricks quickly and even introduce some of his own.

On the other hand, you have to watch out for his super delicate temperament, he does not respond well to harshness.

Training sessions should start as early as when he is a pup. You have to be patient with him and allow him plenty of room to learn at his own pace.

Socialization should also start early to help shape his personality when he becomes an adult.

Expose him to new environments, sounds, and people when he is still a puppy.

Maintain a positive attitude throughout his training session. Shower him with compliments and treats for everything he does right.

If he does not feel like training today, let him be, tomorrow is another day.

8. Cock-a-poo has the moderate energy of the Cocker Spaniel.

cockapoo dog playing

He only needs brief walks every day to keep him happy.

Backyard playtime is his favorite moment as he gets to run around with the kids or chase small animals.

If you live in an apartment, just buy him a ball to chase around the house. Generally, about 15 minutes of exercise is enough to kick a cockapoo fit.

9. Dry food is highly recommended for Cockapoo pups.

brown cockapoo dog poodle mix

His daily consumption will depend on his size, age, activeness, and metabolism rate.

Generally, about a quarter or three-quarter cup of healthy dry food should be enough to fuel him through the day.

Feeding time should be divided into two. You can feed him in the morning and later in the evening.

During the day he should do fine with a few snacks. Stick to this plan and you never have to worry about overfeeding your dog.

10. Food allergies are common in Cockapoo dogs.

brown cocka poo dog

If he barely touches his food, find out what he does not like about his diet. Moreover, watch out for ear infections or skin dander on his coat.

He may also develop an infection on his eyes if the hair around it is not trimmed.

11. Cockapoo coat needs daily brushing.

brown cockapoo dog

Cockapoo coat needs daily brushing to keep it neat and glimmering.

He also needs the occasional baths, haircut, and nail trimming to maintain his cute appearance.

Brush his teeth every day as well to maintain his oral health.

12. Cockapoo is not that great as a watchdog.

white cocka poo dog

Given his mild temperament, Spoodle is not that great as a watchdog.

He may bark at an approaching stranger but will immediately switch to his friendly nature.

It’s not his fault, he is a people-pleaser. However, his bark can alert your Bull-mastiff who will be happy to confront the intruder.

A Cockapoo is all you need for companionship and bouts of mischief in your house.

He is also well mannered and does not require much to maintain him.

He is warm to people and pets, and he adapts quickly to any new environment.

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