Chipoo Puppies | Cutest Chihuahua Poodle Mix Dogs

Chipoo, Wapoo, Chipoodle, Choodle, he is a dog with many names.


He is full of mischief as well and will quickly become a menace if he does not get the attention he deserves.

But don’t let that fret you, Chipoo are very lovable and make the best housemates.

If you are thinking of getting a Chipoo pup, be prepared to be entertained, loved, and sometimes annoyed.

He is a handful but with the right kind of training, he will grow to be well mannered.

1. Chipoo = Chihuahua + Poodle

chi-poo chihuahua poodle mix dog

Chipoo is believed to have originated in the United State around the 70’s.

He is a pedigree dog achieved through cross-breeding a Chihuahua and Toy or Miniature Poodle.

He is not only a European dog, but he has Mexican roots in him as well. But this does not mean you let him gorge on your plate of Churros.

2. Chipoo is a tiny ball of thick hair

chi-poo puppy

Common hues for his fur coat include white, black, brown, apricot, red, grey, or a blend of different colors.

His color can be so unique that it differs from his brothers in the same litter.

3. Height and weight

chipoodle dog

He can have the tallness of a Miniature Poodle or Chihuahua or be a midget like the Toy poodle.

On average, he should have a height between 5 to 15 inches from the shoulder.

The same applies to his weight. If he is a tiny pooch, expect him to weight from 5 pounds. If he is big, he can achieve a weight of 20 pounds or slightly more.

4. Chipoo live for up to 12 or 15 years

chipoodle puppy

With all the affection he gets, expect him to live for up to 12 or 15 years.
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5. Chi-poo is really playful and very intelligent

chipoo puppy

He may be tiny but his energy can be felt when he snaps into action.

Chi-poo is really playful, very intelligent and super-friendly only if he recognizes you as family.

Strangers beware because Chipoodle barks and snarls ferociously.

However, when Choodle sees you are not out to harm him, or his family members, he quickly becomes the sweetest little fellow you will ever meet.

As a puppy, Chipoo is quick to take to his new family and environment. Whether you live in an apartment or family home, it’s all good with him.

He only needs a tiny spot in the house to make his den and favorite playing zone.

Choodle loves toys and can become really possessive of them. He also loves attention and grows anxious if you do not give him any.

But this should not worry you much as he also has the quality of being independent.

So you can leave him at home and rush out for errands but don’t stay out too long…or else…

6. Chipoo Love new challenges.

chipoo dog

Being a descendant of the Poodle, he is like a little Einstein eager to learn and absorb new things.

He also wants to please his master by showing he is a good student.

He is not afraid to score all As on lesson, but sometimes he can be reluctant or stubborn to do it.

With all that genius, he can easily get bored if he is not challenged mentally.

So you have to indulge him constantly and give him new challenges to overcome.

Otherwise, he becomes a little rascal who will chew or bark at anything in his path.

7. Chipoodle is easy to train especially as a puppy.

choodle dog

However, he will need someone who is patient with him because he can be stubborn. You also have to vary the intensity of lessons you give him to mentally stimulate him.

When training him, pay attention to his moods as well. If chipoo is tired let him rest and pick up another time.

Always be positive during training sessions and never be harsh to him. It is best to training outside where there is plenty of room to try various tricks.

House training can be a challenge, but you will find a way to creatively use the space you have.

8. Exercise to a Chi-poo means play time.

choodle puppy

He will be more than glad to bring his leash to you before you head out for a walk.

Chipoodle loves the dog park as well where he can dash around and explore several things at once.

If there is any family weekend activity, he will be willing to join in for the fun.

Get him plenty of toys to play with as well. Chi-poo can grow possessive of his toys and even hide them if there is another dog around.

Remember, exercising is good for his health and temperament.

9. Generic dog food is not good for him.

white chipoodle puppy

Chi-poo needs a diet that comprises of high-quality dry food. Generic dog food is not good for his digestive system nor is human food which will ruin his teeth.

Feed him dry kibble specifically designed for pedigree dogs like him.

Unlike most hybrid dogs, Chi-poo has to be constantly fed but in small portions.

This will help maintain his sugar levels and prevent any spikes or sudden drop of the same.

10. He loves a bubble bath.

white chipoo puppy

Chipoo takes his grooming time seriously and you should too.

This means brushing his coat daily to get rid of pet dander and smooth out tangles.

He loves a bubble bath too with premium dog shampoo that helps clean his skin and protect it from infections.

Brush his teeth daily and clean his ears once or twice a week. Chipoodle may also need his fur coat trimmed to reduce the gathering of dirt which may cause a bad odor.

11. Health problems of Choodle.

white chi-poo puppy

Chi-poo can suffer ailments like low blood sugar, eye infections, dry skin, and lose kneecaps.

He may also have teary eyes or develop dental issues especially if he is not fed the correct diet.

12. Watchdog ability.

white choodle dog

Chipoo will bark and alert his owner of any stranger or animal in the vicinity.

However, he may also be barking from excitement so it can be hard to distinguish between his barks.

Best way to clear the air is to train him to bark only when it’s necessary, but it will not be an easy fete doing so.

Chipoo is a perfect companion dog if you are willing to put in the time to care for him.

He needs proper training sessions to help shape his persona and hone some of his natural gifts. Be kind to him always and he will be loyal for life.