Cavoodle Dog Breed Facts and Information

A Cavoodle, without a doubt, is one of the cutest dog breeds to be given existence.


It belongs in the toy group of dogs, meaning that it is small and would be perfect if you’re staying even in a studio type of an apartment.

Despite its small size and cute appearance, a Cavoodle isn’t all about sitting still and looking pretty.

This dog breed is perfect for families, for you – just like other dogs, it is loyal and energetic and could be helpful, as well.

This dog breed is gentle and calm but has enough energy for your children, as well.

A Cavapoo is also extremely loving to its owners and will show them its affection at every chance given.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a Cavapoo when it’s sweet and has such an amazing personality, right?

The Cavoodle has undeniably risen to fame and is being adopted by countless homes already, but unknown to a dog or pet lovers at first, a Cavapoodle also has great benefits that come with it, which makes them more loveable than they already are!

If you’re planning to adopt one now, you should get to know a few more frequently asked questions about this poodle mix that will help you know the breed more.

What’s a Cavoodle?


Mixing two different breeds of dogs isn’t new. People have often done this to create new breeds; some do this to make dog breeds smaller to their liking or have fewer genetic diseases than the purebred ones have.

The Cavoodle dog breed is no different.

A Cavoodle is a mix of the two breeds: a toy or miniature poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

This explains why this dog breed is small, belonging to the toy group of dog breeds.

Since the Cavoodle breed could come from either a toy or miniature poodle, its height will vary. 

How long is a Cavoodle’s life span?

This dog breed’s lifespan is estimated to be around 10 to 14 years. While this stands true, it’s still best that you always make your Cavoodle healthy, or else that long life span may reduce.

Keeping your Cavapoodle healthy is the same as taking care of other dogs. Make sure they eat plenty – but not too much – and stay hydrated enough, as well.

You should take them out for a walk or play with them so that they would get enough exercise, too. 

What does a Cavoodle look like?

It’s cute, no doubt. But when it comes to a Cavoodle’s appearance, they could still be sorted into three different groups, which would be the hair-coated ones, fleece-coated, and wool-coated Cavoodles. 

Every Cavapoo dog could look different and have different coats depending on what type they are bred from (it’s already known that they could come from Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and either a toy or a miniature poodle). Despite that, it’s still sure that every dog coating looks cute; you’d just have to know what suits well to your taste.

Hair-coated Cavoodles. 

Hair coats could be short or long. Having hair-coated Cavoodles would mean that your fur friend would tend to shed more, but the grooming wouldn’t be much of a hassle compared to the two other types of coats.

Fleece-coated Cavoodles.

Cavoodles which are fleece-coated would either have their fur either have a curly or wavy type of fur.

If you observe it, this type looks like a combination of the two other coats. If you or your family are allergic to dog fur, this would be the best type of Cavoodle to go with.

Wool-coated Cavoodles. 

This type is called “wool-coated” because the dog’s fur resembles the wool of a lamb.

Among the other coats, this type is the one to shed the least but would still, of course, require grooming now and then. 

These coats can come in various colors, too, such as black, brown, white, tan, or gold. 

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How big do Cavoodles Get?


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is small, and so is the toy or miniature poodle.

It’s no surprise that the Cavapoo would be small, as well, having to be categorized into the toy dog breed. Its size honestly makes it a whole lot cuter.

A Cavoodle’s height would still depend on where they have come from, being a mixed breed.

However, this dog breed’s average height would range from a minimum of 30 centimeters to a maximum of 35 centimeters.

It would be the perfect dog breed you’re looking for if you have a small living space.

But just like the poodle, a Cavoodle would either be a toy type or a miniature type.

The miniature type of Cavoodle looks more muscular than the other type since a toy Cavoodle would look more delicate.

Don’t be threatened by these descriptions and appearances. However, since your dog’s health would still depend on the lifestyle you give them.

Despite their height and appearance, as long as you give them enough food, water, and exercise (along with love and some of your time), they’ll sure to grow healthy and stick with you for a long time. 

How much do Cavoodle Weigh?

In general, given its small height and size, a Cavoodle would weigh approximately 8 to 12 kilograms.

Ensure that it reaches this weight because 8-12 kilograms would be the healthy weight of a dog mixed from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and toy or miniature poodle.

If you see that your dog’s weight doesn’t reach 8 kilograms, it probably isn’t eating enough.

Make sure to check if the food that you give your fur friend isn’t to their liking. If not, your dog could be sick and should be checked by the veterinarian.

Like humans, a dog must not be underweight and should eat enough food to be healthy.

If your dog weighs unexpectedly more than the standard 8-12 kilograms, however, you should let them exercise around more.

Too much of a thing is never good, and your fur friend’s weight is no exception.

Check your dog’s type; if it is a toy type, it’s expected to weigh around 8kg, but for miniature types, 12kg would be their maximum weight when fully grown

Do Cavoodle shed?


Compared to other mixed dog breeds, and in general, Cavoodles don’t shed too much.

Every dog shed, of course, but expect the Cavoodle to shed less. Most people adopt Cavoodles, too, because this dog breed would suit a person who’s allergic to dog fur well.

But just because they don’t shed often doesn’t mean you’re saved from getting your fur friend groomed.

A Cavoodle’s fur must be given extra care, meaning that you would have to groom it more often than the other breeds (no matter the type of coat it has). Every six weeks could suffice for this.

Of course, with that said, you should also regularly comb or brush your dog’s fur at home yourself, as well. This would keep their fur healthy and look good, making them not lose their Cavoodle coat flare.

How often should you bathe a Cavoodle?

You might not probably be aware of this, but a Cavoodle’s coat has natural oil, which contributes to its fur’s beauty and charm.

If you’re not aware of this, you might probably also not know that giving your dog frequent baths could make them lose this natural oil.

Given this fact, you shouldn’t often bathe your dog but rather settle for bathing them once a month.

It may be shocking to some, but it’s what’s best advised by many. You don’t want your fur friend to lose their natural oils, do you?

Doing this may also make their fur lose their spark and charm, and you must know from the first look that a Cavoodle’s fur makes them look extremely adorable.

So that you could remember, it’s quite kind of the opposite of having your dog groomed.

Grooming a Cavoodle is advised to do frequently, whereas bathing them should be done every once in a while that every once in a while would be once a month.

Doing this – giving them more grooming and less bathing – will not only help your dog’s fur be healthy, but their whole health, in particular, will be good, as well. 

Do Cavoodle dogs bark a lot?

In general, the dog breed doesn’t bark a lot, but there’s more to that.

Compared to other dog breeds, the Cavoodle doesn’t often bark, sparing you and your neighbors from noise.

However, it would still depend on the personality of the Cavoodle you own. Does it get agitated easily? Is it often irritable? If you think the answer is yes, then that would explain why your fur friend is barking a lot.

If this is the case, don’t fret too much. Your dog would stop barking the moment you train it to stop barking too often.

For some dogs, it would take time. For some, they would learn how to stop barking in an instant. The key to this is having patience when training them.

Objectively speaking, however, Cavoodles wouldn’t bark a lot. Just like an average dog, they would bark now and then, just not the type to be loud at every second that they’re wide awake.

Is Cavoodle hypoallergenic?


Contrary to popular belief, hypoallergenic dog breeds don’t exist at all.

If a dog breed is labeled as “hypoallergenic,” however, it would most likely mean that this fur friend sheds less, meaning that one’s nose would be less irritated, as well.

The mixed breed of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and toy or miniature poodle is no exception.

Given that this dog breed doesn’t shed a lot, it would suit and be friendly for your family.

If you’ve wanted to adopt a pet for so long but just can’t get to because you’re allergic, or maybe your friends or family are, then you should go for adopting a Cavoodle.

Of course, just because it doesn’t shed a lot doesn’t mean that this would go on forever.

If you aren’t giving your pet the proper care, that will cease to happen.

Always remember that giving your dog the best care would give them the best health, as well.

If your dog starts shedding more often, it might indicate that they’re stressed out or you’re not giving them the care that they deserve.

Try tracing back and see if you’re still giving them enough food and water. Take time out to exercise and socialize, as well.

Most importantly, have them be groomed frequently, but be bathed only once a month. 

Is Cavoodle easy to train?

This would be an easy yes since Cavoodles are known to not only be intelligent but obedient as well.

Once you start training your dog, expect them to be all-ears and learn the tricks and basic where-to-poo steps as easy as pie.

Cavoodles are also affectionate, meaning that they are always eager to spend time with you and would be glad once you’ve given them some of your time.

With that said, it would be no surprise that they’ll listen attentively to whatever you have to say once you spend your free time to train them.

You still have to be patient when you start training your Cavoodle, however. Training dogs and puppies will always be tricky, no matter the breed.

The training part of taking care of a fur friend requires a lot of patience.

Once you start training your dog, you will surely see how smart it is. That’s what makes it easy to train.

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Combined with obedience, expect that your dog will be able to poo in the right area in no time.

Not only that but if you’ve got more time, you can try teaching them fun tricks, too.

Cavoodle behavior problems

All dogs – with a breed or not, mixed or pure – have behavior problems. Some may be too snarky, or some may be too much for a household that has kids.

A Cavoodle is no different from other dogs! However, they’re not snarky, and they’re good with children – but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Humans aren’t perfect, so who’s to say that dogs are?

In general, a lot of people would say that a Cavoodle is a perfect companion since it’s laid-back, easy to get along with, and loveable, as well.

It still depends on how you raise the dog; on what kind of environment you provide it to grow up in.

Some Cavoodles may fit the description of an angel, while some – not so much.

Always give your Cavoodle every ounce of attention you could give it, just to have their personality in check.

Just like other dogs, Cavoodles could tend to bark a lot, or be aggressive with food, as well.

If not taken care of, your fur friend’s personality would stay for long; but if trained immediately, you might get rid of these traits.

How much do Cavoodles Cost?


There’s this impression that if a dog is purebred, it would cost a lot. This is true. However, this fact may lead you to believe that mixed breeds are cheap.

And a Cavoodle is a mixed breed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and toy/miniature poodle, that’s for sure. So, is it cheap? The answer would be an easy no.

Just because a Cavoodle is mixed between two breeds doesn’t make it cheaper than the other dogs.

Buying one of these fur friend breeds could cost you approximately a minimum of AUD 2500, which is USD would be $1770.26.

The maximum price would be AUD 5000, which in USD would be $3540.53.

Would this be worth all of your money? Well, if you’re really in search of a small pup that could fit well even in small living spaces; one that goes well with people of all ages, young or old; and one that is smart, loveable, patient, and obedient – then it’s sure to say that the Cavoodle is your soulmate.

The amount of money you’d spent taking care of this breed wouldn’t cost you lots, as well, since it is healthy as long as you give it the proper care it deserves. It doesn’t get sick easily, so the only cost you would only consider is its necessities. 

Where to buy/adopt Cavoodle

The Cavoodle breed could be in high demand since people fall in love with this dog at first sight, but there are still many sites you could choose from to either buy or adopt your own Cavoodle.

Examples would be Doodle Rescue Dallas, which aims to rescue any dog of the doodle breed.

If you live somewhere around Connecticut or anywhere near the New England States, you could try taking a look at Poodle Rescue, Connecticut.

Many shops and adoption areas would be more than willing to provide you with your own Cavoodle, so take this as your sign to adopt yours now!

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