10 Surprising Things about BerneDoodle Dog

Top designer dogs such as Maltipoo and Cockapoo are increasing; however, there is a new crossbreed that is pawing its way up to fame in the canine world.


Let us discuss a new poodle mix dog that is smart, loyal, as it’s adorable, the Bernedoodle.

Bernedoodle has an intelligent and goofy nature that makes it a lovable pet for the families and kids.

Whether you are watching a movie or hiking, Bernedoodle could be your best friend that gives you a good company.

Read on to learn the ten interesting things about the Bernedoodle dog.

bernedoodle dog

Brief History of the Bernedoodle

The Bernedoodle, also known as the Bernese Mountain Poo, is not bred to compete and win at dog shows but is meant to be an excellent and loving companion to active people and families with kids.

These dogs are a cross between two notable breeds – Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle (also known as Pudelhund and Caniche).

They are one of the cleverest, gentlest, goofiest, and the most loyal dogs you will ever see.

It is very adaptable, lively, and playful.

Bernedoodle comes in three sizes (Tiny, Miniature, and Standard) and has different appearances.

Their coats come in different colors and can be straight, wavy, or curly.

Bernedoodle is also hypoallergenic, which is a blessing for those who are suffering from allergies but still would wish to have a dog of their own.

The smaller Bernedoodle makes an excellent apartment pet compared to the standard ones since they can run around the home yard burning their calories.

Bernedoodle Info Table

HeightStandard: 23-29in (length) & 70-90pounds (weight)
Miniature: 18-22in (length) & 25-49pounds (weight)
Toy: 12-18 in (length) & 10-24pounds (weight)
Weight30-40kg (Standard)
11-22kg (Miniature)
4-6kg (Toy)
Lifespan 12-18 years
Younger ones are likely to have a lengthier lifetime.
Country of OriginCanada
Breed TypeHybrid
Best Breed For First-Time Owners
Families with Kids
Families with Other Pets

10 Amazing Things about Bernedoodle Dogs

Let’s look at some of the amazing facts about Bernedoodle Dog.



The Bernedoodle dogs have long ears, small eyes, short hair on their body, and a thick tail.

They come in different colors such as Black, Brown, Black and White, Black and Brown, White and Brown, or tri-colored black.

The Bernedoodle breed is found in three different sizes such as –

  • Toy Bernedoodle – 12-18 inches in length and 10-24 pounds in weight
  • Mini Bernedoodle – 18-22 inches in length and 25-49 pounds in weight
  • Standard Bernedoodle – 23-29 inches in length and 70-90 pounds in weight

2.Bernedoodle Coat

Bernedoodle dogs are often referred to as Teddy Bears because of their coats, which comes in different colors.

The coat acts as the best adaptive tool for the in any environment.

The thicker the coat is, the best they survive easily in cool winters and hot summers.

Here are the following Bernedoodle coats that you must know.

  • Straight Coat – These shed less compared to Bernese coats
  • Wavy Coats –Most of the Bernedoodle dogs have wavy coats that do not shed much
  • Curly Coat –You can see curly coats in Poodles


Bernedoodle character is the mix of the best traits of two breeds, and hence people consider them as the best family dogs.

This combination makes them caring and reactive. Hence they play equally with kids and families.


Bernedoodles can adapt to any kind of home or owner.

However, if they are kept in a small apartment, make sure to give them enough walk and exercise on a daily schedule.

5.The Company-loving Puppy

Bernedoodle is very friendly. They enjoy the company of people and cannot stay all alone for a long time.

The Bernedoodle can run and swim fast; hence, they have to be under constant watch. They are normally adamant as puppies.

However, that subsides with time, and they should always be in liaison with other dogs and people at an early age.



Bernedoodle can be trained effortlessly equaled to others as they are known as intelligent dogs.

This cleverness is inherited by the poodle, which is quite helpful for them to learn and understand all the orders and directives given to them.

They also learn bad habits just as easily as good ones. Hence, it is essential to be attentive during their training and observe them.


The Bernedoodles are hypoallergic and shed very less compared to other breeds, which means they do not cause any kind of allergic reactions to people.

Since they shed very less, they require regular grooming.


8.Health and Diet

Since Bernedoodles have the characters of two different breeds, they have a strong immune system and hence suffer minor health issues.

Comparatively, they are the healthiest breed when compared to other breeds.

However, there are few ailments such as dysplasia of elbow or the hip and few eye and skin ailments.

The toy and miniature breed are pretty active and lively compared to the standard ones.

Bernedoodles’ diet is a bit complex because of their sizes.

One should be very cautious about their food intake and eating habits since they can eat anything fresh or noxious.

It is also observed that the feed depends upon their age and activity level.

Hence, it is crucial to plan their feed distinctively, which includes not only the type of food but also the quantity and weight of their intake.

It can be fed with cheese, boiled chicken, or liver.

Few people say that the liver is not a good option as it contains a high amount of protein, which is harmful to their coat.

Hence it is better to avoid high protein foods. After eating, it is essential to involve them in physical activity for a better metabolic rate.


9.Exercise lovers

All dogs require activity and training every day. Similarly, Bernedoodles also need it; indeed, they love doing activities.

Besides, they will also escort you during various activities such as jogging, running, and much more.

10.Semi-Unrecognized Breed

Because Bernedoodle is a new breed and also cross off the best traits of two breeds, they are still unknown by the American Kennel Club.

Hence they are called “The Semi-Unrecognized Breed.”However, it is known by the International Designer Canine Registry, American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, and the Designer Breed Registry.


Bernedoodles are among the most expensive dog breeds as they are in demand, and people hold back for a long time to get one.

You can buy these dogs from one of the reputable Bernedoodle breeders in your area.

Final Words

So, these are the ten amazing things that every dog lover should know. If you wish to get a dog and are confused about the breed, we would recommend you to get Bernedoodle.

I am sure you won’t regret it! Their social behavior makes it easy for people to adopt them, and they readily become a part of your family by providing you with the best comfort.

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