10 Amazing Things about Bossi-Poo Dog

Are you keen on the mix of Poodle-Boston Terrier, also called as the Bossi-Poo?


Very likely, you would be awed if he will be the perfect entry to your household, then look no further!

Read on to explore everything that you need to know about this company-loving and smart crossbreed and the ten amazing things about them. Hence without further ado.


Let’s Meet Bossi-Poo!

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The Bossi-Poo is an-excellent crossbreed of Poodle and Boston Terrier.

These two traits are smart and faithful, which makes the Bossi-Poo a highly-skilled, cordial, and friendly pet.

They are a low maintenance dog, however, depends on the coat type that the dog embraces.

If their fur is similar to that of a Poodle compared to the Boston Terrier’s, it is possible that these dogs can be hypoallergenic, but it is not affirmed.

These breeds can easily comply with any sized house and environments, and they require anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes of exercise or activity daily.

These affectionate little dogs are very docile and are best-loved among trainers.

They can learn every trick in the book, and need little more motivation than small treats and a pat on the head.

These dogs are also speedy and light-footed, and their tiny size allows them to perform a variety of aerial techniques.

Bossi-Poo Info Table

Height& Weight10-15 inches and 25-50 lbs.
Lifespan12-15 years
Country of OriginEngland
Breed TypeHybrid
Best Breed For Families or Singles
Apartment Dwellers
Owners wanting for a low or non-shedding dog

10 Amazing Things about Bossi-Poo Dog

Let’s look at some of the amazing things about the Bossi-Poo dog.



Bossi-Poo dogs are very social and connect well with both the little ones as well as other household pets.

These dogs are well-known for being very faithful and smart.

When these two traits are combined, the outcome is a dog that is very easy to train.

Their character is usually chilled, and they enjoy lying around the house yard when they are not much playing.

They do a lot of tricks, and their tiny body is very flexible, which makes them great show dogs.

The Bossi-Poo did not require extra attention, unlike other small dogs, and though they enjoy the company of their owners, they don’t expect constant affection.

This makes them a great pet if you are living a busy lifestyle and are always at work or school.


The Bossi Poo inherits a wide range of physical traits from both parents (Boston Terrier and Poodle), such as the color of the coat, weight, and height.

These dogs tend to be much on the smaller side, just like the Boston Terrier, and the one thing that they inherit from Poodle is their lengthy hair.

However, Bossi-Poo’s hair will be thin and fragile, unlike the Poodle’s, which has thick and curly.

These canines have a very soft coat that would want us to pet it ceaselessly, and they can be groomed very quickly because of their thin hair.

The best thing about Bossi-Poo is that they tend to be very clean and dirt-free.

They tend to clean themselves the entire day; hence, you will only have to bother about bathing them bimonthly.

They have a very expressive face, which makes them fun to play.

Their bushy tail is a good indicator of their mood, and when they are happy, it wags at a quick pace.

One best thing about these dogs is that they do not withstand the cold environments.

Though they have long fur, they do not provide proper insulation because of the thin hair.

If you live in a snowy place, you must get your canine some doggy shrug.



The Boston Terrier is a low shedder, and hence simple brushing using a grooming comb should keep away the fallen hair from floor or bed.

This helps to keep his dashing ‘tuxedo’ style coat nice and shiny! Besides, the Boston Terrier is a low maintenance dog that needs periodic bathing.

Alternatively, the Poodle requires a bit more care. Though they are hypoallergenic, their husky coat needs constant brushing to avoid knotting.

Remembering all the mentioned details, the Bossi-Poo owner must clean their ears frequently to avoid the wax and moisture and also trim their nails to avoid cracking and splitting.


Since these dogs are on the smaller side, they normally need more than one and a half cup of food every day.

If you have the Bossi-Poos which measures around 30 to 45 pounds, then they need two cups.

These canines are elated when given a well-balanced diet.


5.Exercise Requirements

The Bossi-Poo has an average activity level, and they usually get all the required activity just by running around the home yard throughout the day.

Since they are friendly dogs, you must take them out on walks or parks where they can meet friends.

Moreover, they are very happy and healthy if they are left outdoor for at least 15-20 minutes daily.

6.Health Issues and Lifespan

The Bossi Poo inherits health issues from either of its purebred parents. It is always recommended to research on the health issues of the purebred parents prior.

The Boston Terrier lifespan is 11-13 years, with several inheritable health issues, and due to his short muzzle, they are prone to breathing difficulties and pain.

The Poodle has a lifespan of 10-18 years and can be prone to several inheritable issues.

Remembering the above information, the lifespan of Bossi Poo can be approximately 12-15 years, and the health problems do differ based on what their parents have passed to him.

Hence, prior health screening is very important and can help in avoiding or get prepared for any further health-related issues.

Keep in mind that any well-known breeders can provide certificates regarding the health status of the parent breeds.


7.Ideal Home

People who enjoy being outdoors and have the patience to train will love Bossi-Poo dogs.

Since they are active and love to exercise, they would be best with those who desire to take them on consistent walks or running.

The Bossi Poo are best in homes with kids and are adaptable to different home sizes.

8.Finding a Bossi-Poo Pup

Purchasing the Bossi-Poo from a well-known breeder is of the most important thing.

It is always recommended to do plenty of research about the history of their purebred parents and also their temperamental issues before deciding to get this new addition to your family.


If you are looking for a Bossi-Poo from a reputed breeder, be ready to spend approximately $500 to $1,000.

This will again depend on the breeder and the parental history of the pup.

Final Words

If you are willing to add a tiny family dog that is smart, loyal, playful, social, and very respectful, then the Bossi-Poo is the best choice to consider.

They quickly learn several tricks and prove to be a very funny companion for you and your family.

Their independent nature also makes them a great choice for people who have busy work or school life.

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